That’s a Wrap! Fun Promotional Packaging Ideas

In business, presentation matters. You may not be the only shop in town selling your products, but everything from the way your store looks to how you wrap up purchases can set your business apart. Customers appreciate the personal touches. That’s the joy of shopping with small businesses.

So, if you want customers excited to buy with you again, go a step beyond with promotional packaging. We’ll give you some fun packaging ideas so that when customers say ‘wrap it up’, you’ll be ready.

Our Gift to You: Packaging Ideas Customers Love

There are two kinds of gift wrappers: the type who hand off presents routinely called ‘too pretty to open’, and the other type, who present their gifts with an apology for the wrapping. If you’re in the latter group, have no fear. Packaging gifts and purchases can be easy when you have the right accessories. Let’s cover some must-have branded promotional packing items.

Custom Labels

One of the easiest ways to dress up your customer’s purchase is to stamp your custom label on it. If you have a logo, show it off on a label to get customers familiar with your branding. Print your brand name or logo on a label, and then put it on your box, bag, tin—whatever you’re packing items in! They can even be used to seal packages and bags for a more put together look.

Want to Offer an Extra Gift Wrapping Service?

For an especially elegant look, wrap items like clothes in tissue paper, and then seal the tissue paper in place with your label. Set it in a box, add a ribbon, and you have a perfectly presentable present!

Personalized Gift Boxes

Jewelry, pens, pocket knives—all small trinkets look better in custom gift boxes. You can print your logo or company name in full color on these Britebrand™ Recycled Craft Gift Boxes for an eco-friendly gift wrap option. 

Promotional Bags and Gift Bags 

Whether you need a gift bag for wrapping upscale offerings or branded bags for every purchase, there are custom bags that work for every occasion. 

What Are the Options for Gift Bags?

  1. Custom Plastic Bags: Great for the everyday shopper and elevating brand visibility.
  2. Branded Paper Bags: With more people shifting from plastic to paper, customers appreciate these paper bags with your name and logo.
  3. Personalized Reusable Bags: To get your branding seen again and again, put it on reusable bags. Reusable gift bags like the Budget Shopper Tote make it affordable to give these bags away with every purchase.

Need Branded Gifts Pre-Wrapped?

Sometimes you just want to get it all taken care of in one go—the gift, the wrapping, and if you could have someone sign the card for you, that’d be great too. Well, we can’t sign your card, but we can add promotional packaging to your choice of custom pens sets or gift sets.

With these promotional packaging ideas, you can make every purchase feel like a gift. Show us how your business presents purchases on Facebook and Instagram.


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