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Get Inspired with 5 Home Office Ideas & Desk Tips [Video]

Home is where your…desk…is these days. Whether you’ve started working from home during quarantine or have been for years, creating a home office space is a challenge many of us haven’t had to tackle before.

Take a deep breath with us, and check out this home office ideas video from for desk tips and more.

Home Office Idea #1: Change Your Layout

How you set up your desk in your home office space is probably the most important decision. You see, in Feng Shui, which is the practice of arranging objects to attract positive energy, the placement of items infuses your space with purpose.

Tips for Your Home Office Desk Zones

  • Reputation: Place motivational items like diplomas, custom awards, or positive sayings in front of you at your desk.
  • Relationships: We’ll go into plants more later–when you have one at your desk, they’re known to help physical and mental health.
  • Creativity: Keep a notepad or custom journal close by so you can write when creativity strikes.
  • Health: When you maintain a clean and clutter-free desk in your home office space, it allows your mind to focus on what’s really important.
  • Prosperity: Leave space for prosperity by giving room to your most expensive item, which is most likely your computer or monitor.
  • Family: A photo of family or friends on your desk adds positivity and good vibes in your home office.

Home Office Idea #2: Keep It Clean

Do people love cleaning? Typically, not so much. But the benefits outweigh the few minutes it takes to keep your desk clean. Clutter limits our brain’s ability to process information, reducing concentration and increasing stress. This is the last thing you need at work! This is probably the simplest of home office organization ideas: clean your desk!

Tips to Keep Your Home Office Space Clean

  • Take 5 minutes each day before leaving your office space to tidy up.
  • If your home office space is on your kitchen table, bedroom or garage, take the time to move your computer and papers so you can transition back to your home life.

Home Office Idea #3: Make It Personal

When it comes to home office tips, this is probably the most fun. When you spend 8+ hours in a space, you want it to feel personal and comforting. Personalization also is known to help relieve stress and reduce emotional exhaustion.

Desk Personalization Ideas

  • While still keeping it organized, add a couple personal objects to your home office desk, like a family photo.
  • Use aromatherapy to boost your mood. Essential oil like lavender in a diffuser can relieve stress and improve breathing.

Home Office Idea #4: Bring the Outdoors In

Besides looking great, plants do wonders for your mental and physical state. And when you’re looking for  home office ideas on a budget, look no further than plants!

Benefits of Adding Greenery to Your Home Office Space

  • Purified Air: Plants remove up to 87% of toxins in a room every 24 hours.
  • Improved Health: Plants can decrease absenteeism by 50% and reduce minor illness by 30%.
  • Increased Productivity: Plants can increase cognitive tasks and concentration by 10-15%.
  • Better Mood: Plants help lower tension, anxiety, and fatigue by 38%.

Home Office Idea #5: Brighten Up

Lastly, take some time to evaluate the lighting and colors in your home office space. This is an often overlooked home office desk idea, but one that can have a huge improvement on your mood.

Office Lighting & Color Tips

  • Update Your Lighting: Many offices have fluorescent lighting, which is rough on eyes. At home, you may not have great lighting options either. Grab a personal desk lamp with cool lighting during the day. It’ll help reduce eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness.
  • Add a Splash of Color: Color has a huge impact on our mood. If you’re able to paint your home office space, go for blue, green, or yellow, which are all known as calming colors. Even changing your desktop image to one of those colors can help.

Home Office Swag

Everyone loves a gift, and these home office swag ideas will make your team feel like they’re back at the workplace. Order extra promotional items to pass out to customers, too!

Custom Pens & Highlighters

Just about everyone working from home will need a pen or highlighter from time to time. Consider these useful swag items. (Bonus: Stylus pens are a two-in-one gift!)

Custom Logo Coffee Mugs

Whether at home or in the office, there is nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Employees and customers alike will be jonesing for these custom mugs to keep at their home office.

Custom Business Stationery

Notepads, sticky notes and more stationery types are always useful swag items to have on hand.

Custom Mouse Pads with Logo

Help keep employee and customer workspaces productive and comfortable with custom mouse pads. New antimicrobial product options help ward off germs.

We hope these home office ideas and tips are easily done and instantly impact your happiness. We can’t wait to see what you achieve in your new home office space!

Catherine O.

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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