Plumber Marketing That Isn’t a Drain: Tips & Promotional Tools

Is your marketing suffering a creative clog? Clear the pipes with plumber marketing that customers will love and trust. And that’s key, because when customers are having an issue with their plumbing, they need to know they can rely on you.

It’s never a good day when someone has to call their plumber. Even when the plumber is as spectacular as you! It still means an unexpected and unavoidable cost, an interruption in their day, and a delay in using their pipes as normal. Whether you’re handing out plumbing promotional items or marketing yourself online, your aim should be to assuage the common worries that come along with plumbing issues.

Let’s discuss the hurdles of plumber marketing and how to create the best home improvement marketing for your business.

What Do Customers Want From Their Plumber?

Customers are looking for plumbers to be three things:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Prompt


Finding a price point that’s fair for clients as well as your plumbing business is important. Don’t undercut yourself, but try not to overprice your service either. This ensures repeat business when things come up (apologies for the visual).


You may not be the cheapest option, but showing customers you’re the best option to do the job right means you’ll never be short on business. Plumbing repairs aren’t something customers will want to go through frequently. Assuring them your repairs are made to last through your plumber marketing will build confidence and trust in your brand.


When a bathtub is backed up or there’s a leak in the basement, customers seeking your help are seeking it fast. Do what you can to respond accordingly, and you’ll always be their first call.

How to Build Trust with Plumbing Promotional Items

So now that you know what your customers want, the next step is to craft a plumber marketing message that speaks to their needs. Plumbing promotional items are a great way to do that. Consider promotional items that they can use when they’re having an issue. We recommend logo flashlights, screwdrivers, and measuring tape.


Peering down a drain or looking for leaks under sinks—both will require a flashlight. That’s what makes flashlights ideal for plumber marketing. Explore the variety of custom flashlights to find what’s right for you.

Light Bar

Includes 6 LED lights for ultra powerful illumination.

Flashlight Keychain

 Lets customers have light when they need it, and carry your branding wherever they go.

Handy Dandy Screwdriver Tool

Has replaceable heads that make it an extra useful multi-tool.

6 Function Pocket Knife

Includes a screwdriver and five other handy tools along with your personalized imprint.

Measuring Tape

Bathroom remodel? Get out the measuring tape and call the plumber. These are especially wonderful gifts to hand out to contractors. Whenever they have a big job, being their go-to plumber can pay off big time.

Tape-A-Matic Tape Measure

 Comes with a 60” cloth tape that’s perfect for measuring the width of pipes or the distance from the pipes to the walls.

Any gift you give, even if you choose to promote with a classic pen, is going to send a positive message about your business. Start getting your name out there with better plumber marketing, and show us how you’re growing your small business on Facebook and Instagram.

Jessica Carreiro

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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