A Step Above the Rest: Creating Custom Socks with Your Logo

Once upon a time, getting socks as a gift was a holiday disappointment as reliable as Aunt Tilly’s dry turkey stuffing. That was before socks had their renaissance. We’re living in the golden age of fuzzy footwear. Socks have gone from plain, but necessary garments to cozy pieces of art. So it’s no wonder that brands are looking to create their own custom socks with logo that their customers can enjoy.

Luckily, with many people working from home, and learning to perfect comfiness as a lifestyle, socks are one piece of apparel that won’t be tough to sell.

Not a Sock Designer? Here’s How to Start!

Your socks say as much about you as the shoes you put over them. Maybe more, since socks can come decorated with cats, dogs, your favorite band’s logo, your team’s mascot, and more. In sum, if you want your promotional socks worn with pride, you’ve got to design a pair that won’t get pushed to the back of the sock drawer.

We’ve got you covered. Whether you have creative brand art or just your name, you can help customers boost their sock game with custom socks bulk ordered for your company store.

Which Sock Style Fits Your Brand?

To create the best socks, first, let’s get comfortable with the correct sock-length lingo. Sock sizing goes as follows:

  • Ankle Sock: Extends to the ankle.
  • Quarter Length: Extends just over the ankle.
  • Crew Sock: Extends between the ankle and mid-calf.
  • Mid-Calf Length: Extends halfway between the ankle and knee.
  • Calf Length: Extends to just below the knee.
  • Knee-high Sock: Extends to knee or just above it.

Ankle Socks

When you’re dressed in your professional best, a funny print or colorful design at the ankle lets coworkers know that you do, in fact, have a personality. Designing custom ankle socks can be as easy as featuring your logo on the ankle.

Crew Socks

Not too short, not too long—this is the perfect, Goldilocks-approved sock length. (Goldisocks? I’m sorry…) But the point stands, crew socks are ideal for walking because unlike their shorter cousin, the ankle sock, these won’t accidentally slip under foot. That makes crew socks a popular style for giveaways. You can populate a design with lots of your little logos covering the whole sock or come up with a funny phrase that speaks to your business—the options are endless!

Top Picks for This Cut:

Calf-Length Socks

Are you looking for a big, bold, leg-covering billboard for your brand? Seems like you need calf-length custom socks with your logo. These long socks reach just below the knee and allow you to customize the entire sock with your brand art.

Ready to dip your toes into the world of promotional socks? With these fun cuts and your brand design, you’ll never hit sock bottom with a boring sock gift again. Show us your custom socks with logo on Facebook and Instagram so we can share the inspiration with others.

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