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Get Your Name on Every Fridge with Business Card Calendar Magnets

Does every business want a billboard in the highest-trafficked area of their city? Yes. Does every business have that type of budget? Nope. But you know what? (Look away, billboard salespeople!) Billboards aren’t even necessary.

That’s because business card magnets exist. What’s the most popular area in a house or office? You guessed it–the kitchen. People are always congregating in there, which is what makes the reach and longevity of the magnetic calendar for the kitchen almost unparalleled.

According to a 2019 study done by PPAI:

  • A calendar that costs $3 will have a cost per impression (CPI) of only 3/10 cent per impression
  • Promotional calendars earn 850 impressions over their lifetime
  • 62% of households have a promotional calendar

The proof is in the pudding (chocolate, please)–business calendar magnets are the top way to get your name on every fridge.

Jumbo Business Card Calendar Magnets

Taking up more real estate on your customers’ and prospects’ fridges is always a good idea, and they’ll appreciate it too so dates are easy to find.

Design Wrap Jumbo Calendar Magnet

Coming in around 4”x6”, these jumbo business card magnets are large enough to feature all the months at a glance as well as your branding at the top.

Deluxe No. 10 Envelope Sized Calendar Magnet 

Perfectly sized for fitting into a no. 10 envelope, this is your choice for mail campaigns.

Design Wrap Monthly Magnetic Calendar

This customer favorite comes with up to five lines of space for your custom imprint.

Good Value™ 4″ House Magnet

Magnetic calendars for realtors just make sense. They’re the perfect gift to give once you close on a house and will remind the new homeowners to call you when it’s time for a move. Check out more ideas for real estate professionals, like custom house-shaped keychains!

Promotional Business Card Magnets

When you don’t want a calendar but want the same amount of impressions, go for promotional business card magnets. They’re just like traditional business cards but made magnetic so your message is always front and center.

Business Card Magnet

A super cost effective way to get your full color branding seen.

20 Mil Full Color Business Card Magnets

A smaller promotional business card magnet that also comes with your choice of free designs.

There’s no better (and easier!) way to draw in customers and prospects than with business card magnets.

Catherine O.

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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