Pastor Appreciation Gifts with Staying Power

When is Pastor Appreciation Month? And how did Pastor Appreciation Month start?

Pastor appreciation gift ideas are a hot topic around October, and here’s why. Pastor Appreciation Month, also known as Clergy Appreciation Month is celebrated every October. Started in 1992, the holiday is designed to demonstrate gratitude for pastors, missionaries, and other religious workers. The month of recognition began as a response to a perception of high stress and burnout among pastors and evolved into an overall celebration of all that pastors and clergy do within the church and community.

In addition to month-long awareness, the second Sunday of October is designated as Pastor Appreciation Day. Although formalized as a holiday in 1992, the idea for recognition goes back as far as Apostle Paul AD 65-66, who wrote: “The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching (1 Timothy 5:17 NIV).”

How to show pastor appreciation so your gratitude grows

Any gift you offer your pastor or clergy for Pastor Appreciation Month is a tangible gesture of support. Your gift could be as simple as a handwritten note, gift card, or plant, or as extravagant as a weekend getaway. The pastor appreciation gifts below go a step further. They allow you to celebrate your pastor and clergy while keeping your message of gratitude top of mind throughout the months and years, among church leaders and members as well.

Below you’ll find some ideas for pastor and clergy appreciation gifts that lend themselves to distribution among clergy, flock, and beyond.

Clergy appreciation gifts & pastor appreciation gift ideas

The gifts below can be customized with a special message about your pastor, your clergy, a landmark church event, a verse, or something else. They can be distributed to the ministry and also to its members and guests so your gratitude is on display throughout the church and the community beyond.

  • Basecamp® Arctic Utility Pen & Flashlight Set : If your Pastor Appreciation activities include an outdoor adventure or wilderness retreat, include this customized set to ensure the sentiments and memories last and last.
  • Cross® Calais Chrome Ballpoint : This stunning pen gift set promises to sit prominently on the desks of deserving clergy, reminding them how much their service matters.
  • Full Size Synthetic Leather Signature Football : This leather football, customized with your messaging, is a perfect giveaway for a Pastor Appreciation Day picnic, BBQ, or other outdoor event.
  • 7-Piece BBQ Set with Carrying Case : Go a step or two further to encourage your pastor and other clergy to take some well-deserved time off with this complete BBQ set.

Pastor appreciation gifts set your parish apart

You might choose to celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month through a church-wide event, through a pastor appreciation gift, or through smaller group gatherings. You might celebrate throughout October or focus specifically on Pastor Appreciation Day on the second Sunday in October. Whatever you choose, your church community is sure to grow stronger with every gesture that acknowledges the compassion, dedication, selfless service, and spiritual leadership provided by awesome clergy everywhere.

Tell us how you celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month. We’re on Instagram and Facebook, and at services of all sorts everywhere!  

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