Custom Earbuds: Wireless vs. Wired Earbud Giveaways for Your Brand

One way to get your brand on a pair of custom earbuds? Become a star musician, attain icon status, parlay your brand into a record label, and release your own line of custom wireless earbuds. Easy! Another way? Select the type of earbuds you like, and use our customizer feature to put your logo on them. Less fame and fortune, but a great option when you’re pinched for time. If the latter option sounds like a plan, let’s talk about how you can tune out the competition with promotional earbuds for your business giveaway.

Custom Wireless Earbuds vs Traditional Earbuds

Ready to turn up your marketing efforts? These promotional earbuds are surprisingly affordable, and a great way to get customers to hold onto your branding. If you’re having trouble deciding between custom wireless earbuds and traditional custom earbuds, read below. We’re discussing the pros and cons of each so you can pick a pitch perfect promotion!

Branded Bluetooth Earbuds

Don’t get caught up on cords. Custom wireless earbuds allow recipients to enjoy their music with a little more freedom. These branded wireless earbuds connect to the phone’s Bluetooth, and come in a case that you can personalize with your company name, logo, or messaging.

The key perks of promotional wireless earbuds are that you can turn the volume up and down using the touchpad, use the internal mic to answer calls, and maintain a clear Bluetooth connection yards away from your device.

Top Picks for Custom Wireless Earbuds

Traditional or Wired Promotional Earbuds

Custom wireless earbuds are a modern solution to the tangle of wires, but they come with a couple of drawbacks as well. Traditional earbuds don’t have to be charged. These custom earbuds allow customers to grab and go. And since they do have a long wire, they’re less easy to lose. These earbuds also come in cases which can be branded with your company logo for a long-lasting promotion.

Top Picks for Traditional Promotional Earbuds

Ultimately, whichever wired or wireless branded earbuds you choose will sound great to recipients. Customize these to sell at your store, offer to top clients, or gift to employees. For booming business, there’s nothing better that custom earbuds.

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