Iridescent Trends Are Everywhere on Everything

From Metallic Tote Bags to Iridescent Mugs, Metallic Won’t Be Muted and Iridescence Is Irrepressible. Is Your Brand on the Band Wagon?

Don’t want your logo on a 1980’s prom dress? Worried about attaching your brand to a 1970’s disco? Well, for one thing, prom is where memories are made and Donna Summer was and is an icon. Having said that, we understand the reservation. Metallic and iridescent can be a lot. Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton iridescent bag or Paris Hilton’s iridescent BMW i8 sports car, anything prismatic can make a strong statement. If this sounds like your brand, keep reading. We’ve got some customized iridescent gift bags to show you, among other promotional products.

But if all this talk of things prismatic has given you a headache and got your mind looping on unicorns, “Saturday Night Fever,” and a few decades you might rather forget…. Don’t count yourself out of the iridescent lifestyle just yet. There’s room for everyone and here’s why:

The Morpho Butterfly Is the True Ambassador of All that Shimmers!

Iridescence is a trend based on nature! Not the purview of celebrities or sports car manufacturers, no sir. Examples in nature include butterfly wings, fish scales, nacre (Mother of Pearl), feathers, pearls, opals, and more. Iridescence and metallic sheen come from a variation in the surface area of an object (like a fish scale, or, um, a tote bag) and the light source hitting it (for example, the sun, or a fluorescent bulb on a Fashion Week runway).

Far from a passing fad, iridescence, like German engineering, homecoming dances, and the Hiltons (and a good string of pearls) are built to last and destined to stand the test of time. Just like your branding. Let’s explore.

Less Is More

If you’re just dipping a toe in the metallic waters, you’re welcome here. We offer many promotional pens, totes, and other items that add just a touch of metallic to get your name in the “notice me” game without being off-putting. Check out these iridescent contenders that underscore the point:

More Is More!

On the other hand, nature is vicious, the circle of life is filled with cat and mouse games, it’s crabs in a bucket out there, folks, and sometimes unicorn craziness and heavy-metal metallic get the job done best. There’s no mistake your brand’s at the party to see and be seen when it’s on one of these metallic wonders:

Metallic Tote Bags to Butterfly Magic: No End in Sight

Metallic formal wear may wax and wane, iridescent car wraps may become as rare as the Australian black opal, but the power of the prism will never go extinct. Whether you use it sparingly or go all in, consider a little iridescence in your branding, just because.

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