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Building Blocks for Your Brand: Daycare Advertising Tips to Grow Your Enrollment

Providing childcare is an essential service to any community. However, you can’t expect to just set up shop and hope the parents will find you. To compete with the big providers in your area, you need to make sure your brand is visible at the right times and places. Not sure where to start? Check out these daycare advertising tips designed to help your business grow in your community. 

Increasing Revenue to Reduce Tuition

One of the biggest factors keeping parents from using childcare is the expense. In today’s market, childcare costs can be as high as a mortgage payment, making it completely inaccessible for many families. However, there are ways to bring your costs down so you can pass those savings on to the parents and bring up your enrollment numbers: 

  • Government Grants and Subsidies: Everyone knows childcare is essential, including the government. Reach out to local and federal resources to boost your funding. You can also refer parents to government aid programs to help cover the cost of your tuition.
  • Hosting Fundraisers: Want to show off your facility and earn side revenue at the same time? Try throwing a family event for kids and parents to come and enjoy some playtime while donating to reduce tuition costs for low-income families.
  • Trade Marketing for Discounts: If a child is exposed to certain toys or products every day at your facility, they’re likely to want their own for home. Reach out to child brands and offer to market their products in exchange for bulk-order discounts.
  • Employer Funding: Subsidized childcare is an amazing benefit that many employers are starting to offer. Reach out to major employers in your area and see if they’re willing to partner with you to provide affordable childcare to their employees.
  • Market to Weekend Clients: Not open for weekends? Try offering a once-a-month weekend watch to give parents a few hours for themselves.

Build Your Network

No small business can reach its full potential without building a support network within the community. If you want to thrive as a childcare provider in your area, here are some people you should be reaching out to as part of your daycare marketing and network building: 

  • Other Child Care Providers: Childcare availability is at an all-time national low, so odds are other care centers in your area have long wait lists. Connect with them and see if you can get referrals from that list of parents waiting for an opening.
  • Local Employers: Like we mentioned, many employers are looking to add childcare to their list of employee benefits. Even if they aren’t, it doesn’t hurt to offer your services to their employees located near you.
  • Your Local Library: Libraries host many child-centered activities, like reading time. That means if you want to reach a lot of parents with young kids, the library is a great place to have fliers and pamphlets visible.
  • Pediatric Doctors and Hospitals: Reach out to birthing centers, pediatric specialists, and primary care physicians with your marketing materials so they can pass them on to parents with young children.

Identify and Market Your Strengths

When putting together your marketing strategy, it’s important that you know what exactly is setting you apart from the competition. Once you know your strengths, you can better market yourself to parents. Here are a few key points parents look for in childcare providers to spark your own daycare advertising ideas: 

  • Clean Facilities: Show off how you prevent the spread of baby boogers with daily cleaning and other measures.
  • Play Space: Kids need space to move, and if you have more than the legal minimum, advertise it.
  • Quality Toys and Activities: Do you incorporate sensory play and educational activities? Share it on your website!
  • Nutritious Meals: Got a special menu? Show your parents what their kids can look forward to by posting it weekly.
  • Extra Hours: Nobody wants to miss time with their kids, but lots of parents need a little extra time beyond usual business hours.
  • Experienced Caretakers: Show off your amazing staff with employee highlights on your website and social media.
  • Security: Parents want to know their kids are safe, so make sure to mention your secure check-in and check-out protocols in your marketing.
  • Communication: Parents love pictures and videos of their kids, so let them know how you plan to give parents insights into their child’s day.

Become Visible Online

If you want parents to find you, you need to be visible in the one place everyone looks first for any business; the internet. If digital marketing isn’t your specialty, here are a few ways to gain visibility and encourage engagement with new and current customers: 

  • Comprehensive Website: Here should be the hub of all information regarding your center, including tuition costs for each age, curriculum details, contact info, about pages, and more.
  • Active Social Media: Keep people engaged with your social media using pictures (with permission), educational content, and updates about your business.
  • Listing Sites: Make sure your business is easy to find online by listing your business with childcare directories and local listings.
  • Local Groups: Most cities have their own social media pages and websites where people can search for referrals. Make sure you’re listed with your city so customers can find you fast!
  • Claim Your Business: Find your business on Google, Yahoo, and other business directories so you can claim your business and ensure accurate information is shared with customers.

Need more ideas for daycare marketing online? Check out this blog post and video about sharing your business on social media

Marketing to the Tots

If it’s love at first sight for the littles, you can be sure the parents will put your facility at the top of their list. Learn how to promote your daycare business to kids so they can help market your business to their parents: 

16 oz. Stojo Biggie Cup

Folds up to fit into any diaper bag, BPA-free, and seals up with a stopper and straw so kids can drink cleanly, this cup is a great way to market your business while making life easier for parents. Toddlers will also love the teething-friendly silicone and high-contrast design surrounding your logo. 

Circular Fidget Push-Pop Stress Relief Toy

While these stress-relievers are great for adults, kids and tots love the never-ending bubble-wrap style play these fidget toys offer. Give parents the gift of a quieter car ride with a branded giveaway that will stimulate their child while also helping them sit still. 

6″ Cuddly Cow

Even adults will want these cute little cow buddies! Send them out as brand ambassadors to kids and parents with your custom logo displayed on their colorful shirts. Soft and sure to be a quick favorite for any child, parents aren’t likely to forget your name with this sweet marketing toy. 

Rubber Duck

Make bathtime easier for parents and fun for kids with your own branded duck giveaway! These yellow bath buddies are a great way to show how you will be a great influence on any child by getting kids excited for the tub. Plus, every time a child plays with your duck, parents are exposed to your brand. 

Marketing for Parents

If you want to stay top of mind with visiting parents, here are a few daycare advertising ideas to make sure you’re the daycare they remember the most: 

Mood Fun Guy Pen

Parents want to have a little fun, too! These novelty pens feature a mood color-changing design and a smiling face that is sure to brighten up their day. Show off your fun and whimsical side with a promotional pen that stands out above the rest.

Game Day Carry-All Tote

If there’s one thing parents want in a bag, it’s pockets. Help make outdoor activities easier for the whole family with your own branded tote loaded with pockets and carrying space. Available with a large custom imprint, your brand will stand out wherever the family goes. 

Engraved 16 oz. Stainless Steel Ree Tumbler

Parents need to stay hydrated, too! But that can be hard when kids are always grabbing at your cup. Provide your own branded tumbler designed to stop big spills while letting parents enjoy their favorite beverages in peace. 

While demand for daycare is high, you can’t take advantage of that demand if no one knows where to find you. Take the time to get your brand visible in your community and online, all the while showing what your center can offer that others don’t. As you put together your daycare advertising plan, use these tips to extend your reach further and make your message even more memorable for families in your area. 

Katie Yelisetti

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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