Dental Convention Preparation: Get Ready for the Yankee Dental Congress 2019!

You’re in the dental industry. Invisalign®, braces, root canals, and wisdom teeth are part of your daily vernacular. You’ve got something to teach, sell, learn, or all three. And you find yourself tasked with dental convention preparation for the Yankee Dental Congress of 2019. And one of those tasks is giveaways, tchotchkes, freebies – you know, something unique with your name on it that’ll encourage folks to remember your brand well beyond the Boston Convention Center.

It’s coming up quick, folks, coming up quick. January 31st will be here before you know it. But no worries. We’re here to ensure you grab the attention, admiration, and respect of all 27,000 attendees. Well, maybe that’s a lofty goal. Not all 27,000 perhaps. After all, we sell promotional products, not Super Bowl ads. But still, while you’re thinking about dental industry trends and changes, we’re thinking about your image. Regarding the latter, here’s how to hit the conference with a bang:

Sure-Hit Promo Products Everyone Appreciates:

Dentistry show tip: Pick a giveaway that’s relevant to your audience. For instance:

  • Dental Kit: On the road or at home, your brand will stay top of mind and attached to oral hygiene with your logo on this complete dental kit!
  • 3×3 Adhesive Die-Cut Notepads, Tooth: You’ll keep your name on their desk with this notepad, no doubt!

Kids Won’t Be at the Show, but They Just May Matter Most!

Dentistry show tip: When thinking giveaways, keep in mind that many attendees have kids at home! Here are a few promo items that a conference attendee is just as likely to grab for themselves as for their kids:

  • Tooth Bend-A-Pen: So cute, so fun, and whether for an adult attendee or a child at home, it’s virtually impossible not to consider the joys of good dental hygiene while using this flexible writing wonder!
  • Tooth Stress Reliever: Your conference attendee may squeeze this tooth-shaped stress ball a few times to stay awake during a continuing ed seminar. A patient undergoing a root canal may cling to it like a lifeline. But kids at home will use these stress balls for indoor snowball fights so prepare to hand out more than one!

Feel like a Little More Browsing’s in Order?

If you’d prefer to shop around a bit, outside the dental-specific sandbox, check out our Trade Show Giveaways & Supplies area.

So there you have it! The giveaway part of your dental convention preparation project is nearly complete. You’re now just a few clicks away from being ready to promote yourself at New England’s largest continuing education conference and the fifth largest dental meeting in the country. And the most important final dentistry show tip: distribute your giveaways with a smile and you’ve got everything you need to advance your brand!

Karleen A.

I’m a copywriter who likes custom giveaways of all kinds, from pens to travel mugs, tumblers to totes. Fun for me is helping promote YOUR awesome brand!

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Karleen A.

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