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15 Engaging and Funny Holidays in June to Inspire Your Next Promotion

Suffering from summer heat with nothing exciting to break it up? Liven up your sunny day promotions with some good laughs, unique marketing, and holidays that seem made for your business. Whether you’re trying to boost your visibility or give your employees something to get excited about, you can do a lot with funny holidays in June!

How to Promote Your Business with Weird Holiday Marketing

Funny national holidays like National Hollerin’ Day may seem like just something to fill a calendar, but these holidays are a great opportunity to engage with your customers and get them excited about your brand. Here are just a few ways businesses are using weird, silly, inspirational, and international holidays to create fun and tasteful marketing content. 

  • Inspired Sales: Find the weird national holidays that connect to your industry and use them to inspire exciting deals for your customers. For example, ice cream shops can make all sorts of crazy ice cream and soda float combos on Ice Cream Soda Day.
  • Contests: Just like many businesses offer prizes for costume contests on Halloween, you can offer promotional merch as prizes for contests like best skateboarding tricks at your local skate park on Go Skateboarding Day.
  • Social Media Content: Get customers engaged with your social media pages by asking how they’ll celebrate your favorite June social media holidays, and share images of how you’re celebrating, too!
  • Create Local Traditions: Found a holiday that jives perfectly with your brand? Do something big to celebrate every year and get people coming to your door! Decorate, host an event, offer free samples, or even create your own branded giveaways to commemorate what you will make into a new local tradition.
  • Coordinate With Another Business: Is a holiday not particularly relevant to your industry? Find another small business who can help you create an engaging promotion that both of you benefit from!

Pro tip: While June has a few cultural holidays like Juneteenth, you don’t want to use these holidays purely for promotional reasons. It’s good to acknowledge the holidays of major religions and cultures, but using them to promote your business when you have no inherent connection is in poor taste and will offend more customers than it excites. Be tasteful and respectful whenever you address cultural or religious celebrations. 

15 Inspiring, Wacky, and Weird Holidays in June

1. Dare Day

June 1 

Get your dare-devil friends together for a celebration that is all about pushing your limits! This holiday is an excellent June social media holiday for businesses that have creative employees ready to challenge each other and a healthy sense of humor. Feel free to get the customers in on the action as well with challenges like tasting unique culinary treats for a discount on their meal, trying on new clothing styles in your clothing store, etc. 

2. National Donut Day

First Friday in June 

Obviously, you should be offering free donuts on this day, but there is so much more you can do with a flavor-filled holiday like this. Try offering gourmet or foreign donut styles and get creative with all types of fried and baked pastries. You can also challenge customers on social media to share their favorite donut types, flavors, and even recipes. 

3. National Trails Day

First Saturday in June 

Ready to work off those donuts? Encourage your customers to explore hiking trails and other outdoor recreation options right where they live! So often people go out of state for a vacation, but this a chance for National Parks, State Parks, and destination businesses to bring in the locals to enjoy what’s already right outside their front door. 

4. Hug Your Cat Day

June 4 

Warning, hug cats at your own risk. While not every cat appreciates a full embrace, all cats deserve some serious appreciation. Use this holiday to show off the company cats that keep your employees smiling at home, and consider showing off some local shelter cats in need of adoption on your social media. Pet stores and groomers can also strut their stuff with special deals on cat goods and services. 

5. Best Friends Day

June 8 

This holiday is all about found family that makes life a little more… exciting. While customers may want to celebrate with a bring-your-besties discount at your business, you can celebrate by proving who your best friends are as a business – your customers! Feel free to get a little gimmicky with promotional gifts made out to your brand’s best friends, with “friendship bracelets” and other promotional merch. 

6. Ballpoint Pen Day

June 10 

There are a lot of reasons we love this holiday, but your business can love it too as an excuse to hand out those promotional pens! Get some ink artists on your social media to show what those custom ballpoint pens in your lobby are really capable of, and make sure your employees are enjoying the swag fest as well. If someone isn’t going home with a new ballpoint pen today, they’re celebrating wrong. 

7. Red Rose Day

June 12 

Florists, get out your roses, because today you’re painting the town red! Doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or just looking to treat yourself, everyone deserves a bright red rose on this summer holiday. Businesses can brighten up their stores with these beautiful flowers and show off their décor skills on social media. Florists, just make sure you’re promoting in advance for this big day, because if you play your cards right, you’ll be handing out flowers like it’s everybody’s engagement on Red Rose Day! 

8. National Weed Your Garden Day

June 13 

Speaking of flowers, here’s another great holiday for florists and plant nurseries. While customers are clearing out the weeds and getting their hands dirty, you can encourage their green thumb with special deals on plants, gardening supplies, and social media posts all about the best gardening hacks. For those who don’t have a garden, this is also a great day to encourage community service by taking care of local parks and public gardens. 

9. National Nature Photography Day

June 15 

Is it any surprise that June is full of holidays celebrating nature? Photographers can take advantage of the gorgeous scenery and offer photoshoots backed by vibrant local naturescapes, or take their hand at photographing nature by itself. Businesses can also engage customers with challenges for who can take the best amateur pictures of nature near them to share on social media. 

10. Take a Road Trip Day

Third Friday in June 

Car rental companies, destination businesses, hotels, and more should all be getting behind this holiday. Any customer with a car can put together a weekend road trip, and with a little nudging from your business, they may just take the leap. Encourage customers to hit the road and enjoy what the world has to offer just a car ride away. 

11. National Selfie Day

June 21 

Nature is beautiful, but so are you! This day is all about updating your profile pics and strutting your stuff with some bright June natural lighting and a big summer smile. Encourage customers to share selfies of them having fun at your place of business, and maybe even host a contest or raffle for some sweet swag or discounts. 

12. World Rainforest Day

June 22 

Rainforests account for a major part of our planet’s oxygen, and it’s not exactly a secret that they’re in trouble. On World Rainforest Day, take a deep breath and give back to those life-giving ecosystems by hosting fundraisers, donating, and promoting causes dedicated to protecting the rainforests. 

13. Let It Go Day

June 23 

Whether it’s grudges or guilt for eating the last brownie and blaming it on your coworker, today is all about letting things go. Encourage your customers to declutter their emotions by penning out apologies, listening to some self-love seminars, and maybe even treating themselves and their friends to a day at your business. You can also take to social media and send some kind words to your competitors, showing customers that even rivals can be friendly on Let It Go Day.  

14. National Onion Day

June 27 

Don’t cry, National Onion Day is here to bring some sweet flavor and healthy fiber to your day. Educate your customers on the proper way to caramelize their onions, show them the wonders of onions when fried, and put that sweet, sweet onion flavor in EVERYTHING. Even office teams can join in the fun with contests featuring onion-themed lunches and who can find the most beautiful onion at the grocery store. 

15. International Mud Day

June 29 

Clean is overrated, embrace a little mud as summer heats up on International Mud Day. Just because this is one of the weirder holidays doesn’t mean you can’t get some promotional value worked in. Spas especially can take advantage with special offers on mud facials, mud baths, and more. Other businesses can pool their resources and make it a mud day by hosting an outdoor event full of mud-themed games that get customers messy and having fun. 

Didn’t find a holiday that suits you? These are just a few of the many funny holidays in June that can inspire your next promotion. Next time you’re feeling at a loss for social media content or promotional themes, check out the silly holidays of the month to help get your customers engaged with your brand and social media. 

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