Make Their Morning With A Branded Coffee Mug

One of the best ways to promote your brand is to meet customers where they are…and most of your customers probably drink a cup of coffee—or tea—every morning. So, why not bring your logo to their morning brew with a branded coffee mug?  

Whether you prefer a tried-and-true coffee mug design or want to experiment with a unique shape or style, these are the best mugs for getting your brand noticed.  

6 Best Mugs for Promoting Your Brand

1. Classic Mugs

Get your branding back to basics with a simple branded coffee mug that puts your logo front and center. These bright white printed mugs will stand out in office kitchens and kitchen shelves, and they’re a cost-effective way to boost daily visibility for your brand.  

2. Two-Tone Mugs

Set yourself apart from the crowd with a two-tone branded coffee mug, like this speckled style. It has an artisanal, handmade feel that’s sure to stand out in clients’ coffee mug collections.  

3. Oversized Mugs

We all know those people who could use an extra-large mug of coffee…maybe you’re one of them! This roomy 15-ounce option is the best mug for any true caffeine fiend! Plus, these branded ceramic mugs have a two-tone design that will make your logo pop—even on those too-early mornings.  

4. Wraparound Mugs

Make sure your logo, business name, and brand colors get seen from every angle, any time of day, with our Design Wrap Mug. This must-have coffee mug style is a tried-and-true customer favorite. 

5. Stainless Steel Mugs

Do you want to give your brand a premium feel? We love the elegant, elevated look of stainless steel branded mugs, especially for small-batch coffee roasters or boutique mixology brands. These stainless mugs are vacuum-insulated to keep drinks perfectly warm or nicely chilled.  

6. Campfire Mugs

Is your business or your branding all about the outdoors? Whether you specialize in camping gear or lead guided hikes, order a batch of campfire branded mugs for your next giveaway. These retro-inspired speckled mugs are sure to bring a dash of nostalgia to your clients, who will be instantly transported to their most recent adventure. 

Allison Russo

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I'm here to help small businesses be their best.

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