Give Your Beloved Customers a Break with Stress Relief Items that Deliver Peace of Mind

If you’re searching for stress relief items, chances are good you’re a human being living on Planet Earth in 2021. Welcome! We predict that custom promotional stress balls, stress relief items for college students, and other promotional stress relief products will be big winners among customers, employees, students, and back-to-back Zoom call attendees everywhere. With that in mind, we’ve curated a few of our most popular stress relief items, including custom logo stress balls, adult coloring books, and planter kits, for your consideration.

Stress Balls for Stressful Calls

It’s tough to stay engaged with those video calls. We’ve all been there. You’ve been on mute for 30 minutes, smiling and nodding at what seems like the right times for what seems like forever, and then, forgetting that 1. You’re on a video call and 2. You’re wearing pajama bottoms, you nearly get up to get snacks (twice). Had any of us, in this not uncommon situation, had a promotional stress ball in hand, perhaps the nerve-wracking need to get up and do something, anything, pet the cat or jump out the window, could have been assuaged. Below are two of our favorite calm-inducing stress balls.

Promotional Round Stress Reliever Ball: Help get ideas flowing in a brainstorming session, provide fidgeters a welcome release, and alleviate hand fatigue among students, employees, patients, and customers.

Heart Shape Stress Reliever: Helps release stress; a must-have for anyone wanting to promote the benefits of tension relieving, heart-loving actions.

Customized Coloring Books and Pencils for Adults Who Need a Trip to Bali

Coloring books might be for kids, but are we not all feeling a bit like sucking our thumbs and rocking in the corner these days? Or is that just me? Anyway, coloring books have become and remain a popular way for full fledged grown ups to continue “adulting” without losing their cool or their minds. Your customers with kids at home are without doubt fantasizing about auditioning for “Survivor” just to get away for a few weeks–bugs, broken trust, and PTSD be damned. Let your recipients know YOU know what’s up with a coloring book and pencils that allow them to take a lesson from the how-to-be-a-kid playbook and just zone out for a while. 

Color Comfort™-Driven To Dream (Cars): Features 12 beautifully rendered images of cars, which are accompanied by inspirational messages.

Colored Pencils: Featured 12 pencils including blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow.  Colors lay down smoothly and are easily blendable, encouraging creativity with every stroke.

Color Therapy® Adult Coloring Book – 24 Pages: 24 unique designs printed on one side of a perforated white page, making each masterpiece perfect for framing once complete. The full size (7.75″ x 10.75″) book with heavy duty, glossy cover makes a great gift for anyone seeking a little less stress.

Promotional Planter Kits for Stressed-Out Students (and Their Parents)

Students are home. A lot. For us parents, this was fun for a while. Hey! A new challenge! I can be the parent I never was! Three meals a day! Help with homework! Gonna dive into that homeschooling adventure I’ve always fantasized about! Then Day Two came. And now we’ve lost count. We’re stressed. Students are stressed. What do they need? What do we need? Something simple. Life-affirming. Low maintenance. Plants! Whether you’re seeking a stress relief item for a college student, toddler, or parent of both, planter kits are a welcome, zen-inspired antidote to the hustle, the bustle, and the burn out of a full house.

CoCo Planter Kit: Featuring your choice of seed packet, a soil disc, and planter. Your calm-questing recipients can start their plants in the planter, and then move to the ground once the seedlings are a few inches tall.

Watering Can Planter Kit: Watch recipients smile big (and de-stress) when they receive this mini watering can planter.

The new year’s off to a start, and start we have. Let’s stay connected and keep each other strong with promotional stress relief products that help your recipients keep self-care and slowing down top of mind. Choose an item above or check out our full selection of stress relief items including custom logo stress balls, coloring books, crayons and sidewalk chalk, brain teasers and board games, fidget spinners, planters, and more. Also, for tips on creating a soothing work space including sights, smells, sounds, and small comforts, check out our blog, How to Reduce Work Stress with a Desk Sanctuary. 

We got this, guys. Promote every day. And namaste.

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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