Journal Gifts: Personalized Leather Journals & Faux Leather Journals

There’s something distinctive about a leather bound notebook. You could be doodling flowers on the side of your meeting notes, and everyone will assume you’re having a streak of genius writing the next great American novel. Simply put, when you want to promote your business on notebooks that look distinguished, personalized leather journals are the obvious choice. They’re the journal gifts that recipients will value most.

Why Gift Personalized Leather Journals to Employees and Clients?

Many of us love getting new journals, not because we need them so much as we just enjoy collecting journals that match our personality. Recipients appreciate leather and faux leather journals for just that reason. They’re a classic, yet rustic addition to the notebooks you have around the house. And since they’re a perfect fit in every setting from the boardroom to the coffee shop, these journal gifts are the ones recipients are likely to bring along when they need to write.

Whether you have a class you’d like to gift personalized leather journals to, or you want to outfit your company team members with matching journals, custom notebooks gifts will help you to achieve that goal in style.

What Are Faux Leather Journals Made With?

There are several different materials used to create an authentic leather look without the leather. You can go with leatherettes, faux leather, and ultrahyde. We’ll discuss the differences and perks of each variety of faux leather journals below!

Leather & Faux Leather Journals: Best of the Leather Look

Authentic Leather Journals

Sometimes, you need the real thing. If you want top quality for your branding that you know will last, nothing beats getting an authentic leather journal personalized with your company name and logo. Check out our favorite real leather option for journal gifts. 

Edinburgh Leather Journal Book

This personalized leather journal features 96 lined pages, four internal pockets, a white ribbon page marker, a pen loop, and your custom debossed imprint.

UltraHyde Notebooks

UltraHyde is a leather substitute made by coating fabric in polyurethane. This is a high-end substitute because it’s designed to retain its color and shape for longer. Choose from these UltraHyde journal gifts to show off your logo on fabric engineered to make it look good.

Dakota Soft Soft Bound JournalBook™

This notebook gift by JournalBook™ includes a luxurious Italian UltraHyde cover, 80 sheets of lined paper, a pen loop, and a ribbon to mark the page.

5″ x 7″ Snap Elastic Closure Notebook

Get your branding seen on the front cover of this notebook gift with an elastic closure, ribbon page marker, and 80 ruled pages.

Faux Leather Journals

Faux leather is an artificial leather created using a thermoplastic polymer. That’s a lot of big words to say that faux leather looks a lot like leather, but isn’t! You can personalize faux leather journals in a range of colors to match your brand. Customers will enjoy the feel of this material, and you’ll enjoy the way it features your branding.

Tuscany™ Journal

Store all your notes and documents in this personalized faux leather journal with 80 pages of ruled paper, an elastic closure, a document pocket on the back cover, and your debossed imprint on the front cover.

Venezia™ Journal

Give your branding extra style with this journal gift that features 96 ruled pages, a document pocket on the inside cover, and your debossed imprint.

Leatherette Notebooks

Leatherette is a popular type of synthetic leather, used in everything from camera bags to car interiors. It’s made through a process of coating natural or synthetic fibers in vinyl or another type of plastic. The result is often hard to distinguish from real leather. Take a look for yourself at these budget-friendly leatherette options.

5” X 7” Cannon Notebook

This affordable custom leatherette journal is the perfect size for travel and comes with 30 lined pages.

Charlotte Journal Notebook

Give this journal to customers and employees so they can jot down notes in the 80 lined pages or use the accordion pocket inside the back cover to hold documents.

No matter which type of leather journal gifts you choose to personalize, these are sure to be a notable hit with recipients. If you’re interested in learning about why customers like to journal, read more about the benefits of journaling in our new blog post. Also, browse our entire collection of personalized journals, as well as notebook and pen sets!

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