Highlight Your Brand Boldly with Custom Highlighters

When you’re reaching for a logo highlighter (or any highlight for that matter) you’re on high alert. You’re engaged with the material you’re looking at to such an extent that you feel the need to underline it, draw over it, or scribble beside it with can’t-be-missed fluorescent ink.

No siree. The highlighter does not speak to gentle musings or beatings around bushes. Nope. The highlighter is for bold statements, glaring mistakes, and “this WILL be on the test” tidbits. It’s for the parts of the employee handbook that speak to benefits and paydates; the 17 places where your customer needs to initial to finally be handed the keys to that rental car; or the shortest path for your hotel guest to follow from their room to the complementary breakfast bar the next morning.

Highlighters and their respective highlightees are paying attention. So it stands to reason that branded highlighters would be a great way to get your point across among a “cap”-tive audience. (Though some promotional highlighters are click-action; read on!) Custom highlighters are a great way to spread your messaging among customers, students, employees, and more. Below we’ve curated a list of our favorites. Enjoy the bright, the bold, the multi-ink, and more!

Promotional Highlighters Come in All Colors of the Rainbow (Including Erasable)

The classic yellow highlighter is the most common highlighter color. But orange, red, pink, purple, blue, and green hold their own, especially these days where folks tend to like to color-code based on subject matter, like for Global History, highlighting people in yellow, events in blue, and major themes in pink. (This makes it tough to resell a textbook, as my teenage son found out recently. If only there were an erasable logo highlighter. Wait! See below!).

No More Missing Caps with These Cap-Free Custom Highlighters!

For those who like to click while they think, or highlight on a whim without searching for caps or discovering accidental markings, these click-top highlighters are the way to go. We like:

Logo Highlighters Come in Liquid Ink and Gel Wax. Which Is Best?

If you’re highlighting a thin piece of paper (like a bible, tissue paper, or other thin sheets), gel or wax highlighters are great because they don’t bleed through the page. The downside? They’re less smooth and won’t glide across the page like traditional highlighter ink will do. If you’re looking for the gel wax variety, check out these branded highlighters:

Thick or Thin, Chisel or Point, there’s a Custom Highlighter that Hits the Mark!

Some folks like to write a few words, a birthday card, or a short tome using bright highlighter colors for maximum impact. Others like to simply underline important text. Still others prefer a bold swipe across a line or two at once—or heck a whole paragraph (“forest for the trees;” I’m guilty as charged). These options cover all the bases:

Write, Highlight, Repeat: Pen/Highlighter Combos Keep Your Brand in Hand Longer!

Most of the time, writing and highlighting go hand in hand, so why not offer your customers a customized highlighter that handles both? We like these:

Want Visibility No Matter What Highlighter Color’s in Order? A Logo Highlighter Set’s the Best!

These multi-color highlighter sets are great for fluorescent enthusiasts among your target audience including kids, creatives, and compulsive color-coders:

Your Branding’s Always Bold on a Branded Highlighter!

Whichever custom highlighter you choose, putting your logo on it means your name’s part of every line worth noting. Check out our full selection of logo highlighters to find the one that’s perfect for your business. Share your favorite highlighter with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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