The Many Types of Stationery & Why Customers Can’t Get Enough!

You’re shopping. A cute notebook catches your eye. No, you think, I have notebooks at home. Many, many notebooks. But for some unknown reason, you need that notebook. Why? What is it about stationery that we can’t resist? Call it the blank page effect.

Every new notebook is a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to take notes, motivate yourself with to-do lists, and jot down ideas. So really, when you give customers stationery—no matter which type of stationery you choose—what you’re actually offering is the powerful, irresistible potential of a blank page.

Let’s talk about the different types of stationery, from sticky note organizers to calendars, and how you can add your own personal touch when gifting them to clients, employees, and friends.

Our Favorite Types of Stationery


The ultimate stationery item. You can never have enough. Giving these out to potential clients, business partners, and employees shows that you see a noteworthy future with them. For the price, it’s hard to find a promotional item that will feel as substantial as a custom notebook.

Contemporary Notebook Set

If you want a notebook that makes an impact with employees and clients, go with this notebook and pen set. Both the notebook and pen display your logo in full color so it can’t be missed.

Eco-Friendly Stationery Set

Finally recipients can jot down notes without feeling bad about wasting paper. That’s because this eco-friendly notebook is made with recycled paper. Put your full color logo on the front cover and show everyone how your company puts clients and the environment first.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a type of stationery needed in every office setting, so it makes sense why they’re such a popular promotion. What may be more surprising, however, is the amount of variety you can choose from. Ditch your old notions of the neon sticky. These custom sticky notes come large and small, with full color personalized art or even planner designs.

Full Color Notes

Forgotten dry cleaning, missed appointment, empty bottle of milk—just a few of the daily disasters customers will avoid thanks to your branded sticky notes being there to remind them. These custom full color sticky notes feature your company art and message on every sheet, so you’ll get plenty of bang for your promotional buck.

Organizer Sticky Notes

Trendy and helpful? These large custom organizer notepads are the perfect desk accessory. Get them in a range of bright designs to bring a bit of structure and fun to your customers’ day.


There are two kinds of people: people who use planners, and people who want to be the kind of people who use planners. That’s why everyone loves getting a planner! These are obviously an ideal asset for employees, but they’re also a helpful gift to clients. If you’re an events planner for occasions like weddings, promotional planners let clients know you’re on top of things, and will assure that they stay on schedule as well.

Full Color Planner

Take your pick of full color cover designs and add your personalized company text to create a business planner that clients will love. You can choose from templates like trendy marble or go with these dazzling zig zags.

Luxury Planner

Make a positive impression with these weekly planners that have a faux leather cover with a custom engraved metal plate for your branding.


Calendars are where we put our important plans. They’re where we mark down all the things we’re looking forward to so we can longingly gaze at them during long work days. And as a business, of course it benefits you to get your logo in front of your customers’ gaze. Enter, custom calendars. They’re one of the only stationery types you can guarantee customers will use or look at every day of the year.

Wall Calendar

This promotional wall calendar will hang in you customers’ home or office, and get tons of eyes on your branding.

Desk Calendar

This desk calendar lays flat on the desk, so it’s easy for customers to reference and mark off dates.


Sending clients a card for the holidays or to say ‘thank you’ after completing a project used to be commonplace. Now, it’s increasingly rare for companies to extend the courtesy. That’s sure to make the businesses that still send personalized cards stand out. This practice shows your customers that they’re valued and builds trust and loyalty for your brand.

Holiday Cards

The holidays are for showing people you care, so don’t forget your clients when it comes time to spread the cheer. These holiday cards include a CD full of holiday tunes to get customers in the spirit.

Thank You Cards

This fun card design works for so many occasions, and can be customized with a variety of phrases. You can select the classic ‘Thank you’ or go with a business-friendly option like ‘It was our pleasure to serve you’. You can even customize it with your own special message to friends or clients for an extra personal touch.

What type of stationery will you choose to turn a new page on your branding? Show us how you’re customizing your business stationery on Facebook or Instagram.

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