Hot Chocolate Gift Ideas to Stir Up Your Branding

It’s the chilliest time of year, which also means it’s time for fuzzy blankets and toasty treats! Whether you’re throwing a party for employees or just want to warm up your favorite customers, we have a tasteful selection of chocolatey treats that are sure to be the highlight of anyone’s day. If you really want your cocoa giveaways to make an impact, check out these savory and delicious hot chocolate gift ideas for maximum fun and flavor. 

Bomb’s Away! Hot Chocolate Bomb Gift Ideas

Forget bath bombs, chocolate bombs are the way to relax on a cold winter’s day. Exploding with flavor and rich, silky chocolate, these hot chocolate bombs will blow away your winter blues and earn you some serious thanks from the lucky souls at the receiving end of these tasty hot cocoa gift ideas. 

Hot Chocolate Bomb in Gift Box

A classic chocolate bomb filled with your hot chocolate essentials, namely, marshmallows. These sweet and fluffy little treats come tumbling out when the chocolate shell melts away. You can either drop it in hot milk for instant hot chocolate, or in a cup of already made hot chocolate for an extra rich chocolatey taste. We also make sure that you can leave your personal touch on the experience with your custom logo printed on the box—the first thing your recipient sees when they reach for this hot chocolate treat. 

Hot Chocolate Bomb 4-Pack Gift Set

Why give one bomb when you can give four? Let that party of smooth chocolatey and puffy marshmallows carry on with this 4-pack of decadent gourmet treats. After all, if one chocolate bomb will leave an impression, imagine what four will do! A bomb a day will give your recipients almost a full workweek of molten, chocolatey, promotional goodness to look forward to—the perfect gift for employees with a lot of work ahead or for customers you want circling back soon. 

Mrs. Fields® Hot Chocolate Bomb with Mug & Cookies

This gift is by far the best hot chocolate gift set we offer, giving the full cozy treats experience! Each bundle comes with a beautifully boxed hot chocolate bomb, a custom printed mug with your company logo, and a branded bag of Mrs. Fields cookies to bring a little chocolate chip crunch to the party. Customers will keep the mug long after the chocolate is gone, and the memory of that sweet cup of melted chocolate will linger with it. 

Chocolate Gifts to Add Flavor

Bombs aren’t the only way to hand off the best hot chocolate gifts. Hot chocolate is so popular that it has all sorts of great accessory treats that are specially made to go with it. Here’s a taste of our most popular giveaways that pair perfectly with a hot cup of cocoa. 

Hot Cocoa on a Spoon

Stir things up with a whole new way to make your hot chocolate. If bombs aren’t your style, give some hot milk a stir with this chocolate coated spoon for a thorough mix of perfectly smooth chocolatey brew. Even when your cup is empty and your belly is full, you’ll have a trendy wooden spoon left over to enjoy and make more delicious treats later on. This gift is the perfect-all-in-one promotional giveaway that offers both a satisfying chocolate drink and a stylish wooden gift. 

Hot Cocoa Cube

Yet another delicious way to enjoy a cozy cup of hot chocolate, this cocoa cube quickly melts in a cup of hot milk just like our chocolate bombs. However, instead of marshmallows, this cube carries a sweet kick of peppermint goodness with its one side of peppermint bark. Perfect for sharing a festive and classic taste with customers or employees to get everyone through the chilliest of winter nights. 

Chocolate Treats for Dips and Sips

Cookies and chocolatey treats are another delicious gift that bring out the best in hot chocolate giveaways. Whether you want to add some crunch to soak up the chocolatey goodness, or the occasion just calls for a little extra treat, take a look at these mouth-watering morsels for dipping in a specially branded hot cup of chocolate. 

Custom Molded Chocolate Cookie

Alt text: Custom molded chocolate cookie 
As we’ve said, nothing brings out the best in a molten chocolate drink than a crunchy cookie companion. These custom cookies make your branding unforgettable by casting your logo in the glossy, sweet chocolate. Dip these crunchy sweet delights into your hot chocolate drink or savor them separately. When you give this promotional powerhouse away alongside your hot chocolate giveaway, customers will be coming back for more! Light up their taste buds with your choice of either bittersweet and luxurious dark chocolate or silky and savory milk chocolate. 

Thank Cube Cookie Tower

Customize your own edifice of edibles with this savory-sweet tower of gourmet cookies—the perfect companion for a hot chocolate gift. If a single cookie doesn’t cut it for your extra special giveaways, then shower your recipients with these generously portioned cookie cubes. Each cube carries a different flavor; chocolate chip, almond tea, and buttery shortbread. This delectable spread offers the perfect variety to pair with a creamy cup of hot chocolate for a long lasting and memorable branding experience. 

Design Wrap S’Mores Kit

Chocolate, marshmallows, and crunchy cookie goodness? All that’s missing is a campfire! Customers and employees both will warm up much faster by their campfires with a cozy speckled mug of hot chocolate and a crunchy, gooey smore to enhance the taste. This is the best hot chocolate gift for those looking to give outside of the winter season, whether that means getting ahead with a fall giveaway or sweetening up a spring or summer morning in the mountains. For ideas on the perfect campfire-style speckled mug to give with your cocoa and crispy smore surprise, check out our blog on speckled mug gift ideas. 

What started as a Mayan gift for warriors and royalty is now the perfect cold-weather treat for all ages. These hot chocolate gift ideas can fit just about any occasion for a delicious giveaway. Whether you’re looking to make an impression on your customers or show appreciation to your employees, these treats are sure to be accepted with a hungry gratitude that will do your branding proud. 

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