Office Holiday Party Ideas for Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Teams

If you’re looking for holiday party ideas for your business, we’re here—with holly, jolly bells on—to help get you through the holiday season with an “office” (broadly defined) full of happy employees. Today’s company Christmas party ideas take into account a full range of work environments, including a restaurant or retail space, corporate office, home office, the ever-popular coffee shop office, and more.  Your year-end party ideas will make every participant feel welcome, whether they’re dancing on the conference table in person, dialing in from bed wearing holiday PJ’s, or submitting their holiday game answers while triple-masked on a plane headed for Hawaii. Speaking of which, we also have the perfect parting (and partying) gifts for your corporate holiday party that will keep the good vibes flowing well into the new year. Let’s get this party started!   

Office Christmas Party Ideas for In-Person and Virtual Teams

These days, many businesses practice a hybrid model that accommodates both in-office and work-from-home employees. The following holiday party ideas apply just as well to those looking for Zoom Christmas Party Ideas, in person, or both. 

Masks Made Fun

Are we a bit tired of masks? Why, yes. Yes, we are. But given that they save lives and have radically reduced transmission of all kinds of viruses and airborne illness, it makes sense to give a nod to the mighty mask that helps us stay safe while we celebrate. A winning company Christmas party idea is a mask contest that encourages the creative, crafty, wacky, and just plain “crazy for Christmas” types to show off their best (non-work) work in the form of over-the-top mask wear. And the winner gets? Maybe a year’s supply of masks! Hand sanitizer for miles! Or a gift certificate to a drive-through coffee shop for a new year that starts with body-warming, morale-building beverages on tap.  

Baking for the Non-Bakers

Not everyone knows their way around a kitchen. But everyone loves food at a party. A great year-end party idea that allows both in-person and virtual employees, spreads holiday cheer, promises treats, and may give a slight edge to the artists and architects among us? Gingerbread house building! Define the rules based upon your team. Ask them to vote among various judging criteria, including highest structure, most festive decorating, or speediest assembly. Supply each employee with a few kits, either in-person or via mail, and have virtual employees access the in-person event via Zoom. If your group is particularly culinary and ambitious, they can pick their own gingerbread recipes, bake and decorate on their own, and present the final product for voting during your holiday party. 

Who’s Got the Best (Real Life) Background?

The past few years have had their ups, downs, highs, lows, sideways and loop-de-loops…. With that in mind, perhaps the best holiday party idea for your loyal, committed, creative employees is the one where they’re not at a holiday party at all. Give each employee a stipend, could be $100, way less, or way more, depending upon your budget. Tell them to use the cash to get somewhere outside their home and snap a photo. Could be a hiking trail, a restaurant, or an ice skating rink. Your employee can pose solo or with family, friends, or colleagues. It doesn’t matter how far or how fancy you can afford your team to be. The fun is in each team member sharing a little bit about their non-work self as you celebrate the year gone by and the year yet to come.  Have each employee explain their special spot. Make a contest out of it and give a prize to the most unique (or least unique!) locale. Those who posed at a restaurant get a gift certificate to the local hot spot for food and beverage. Those who posed outdoors get a camping mug or travel tumbler. 

Holiday Bingo Is Always in Style

The most introverted, holiday-hesitant employee can get behind a game of easy peasy, all-luck-no-skill bingo! And all you need is bingo cards, a deck of bingo calling cards, and some highlighters to make the game go smoothly. Of course, you can get as fancy as you’d like, with seasonal bingo boards, wooden tiles, and a fancy mechanical ball blower. Either way, no one can resist the easy engagement of a bingo table promising a prize to every winner. The game works equally well as a virtual office holiday party idea or an in-person activity. Hand out or mail game supplies plus a customized whistle so everyone can celebrate when someone yells “bingo”!   

In the Season of Giving, Employee Gifts Are Just a Sleigh Ride Away

Whether in-person or virtual, no live or Zoom holiday party ideas list is complete without corporate holiday gifts for your special employees. You know, the ones who show up when the going gets tough? The ones who pivot and pivot again, and inspire you to be the best leader you can be because they believe in you and your business? Yeah, those folks! They deserve a special something and we’ve got just the thing—well, several things. Pick one or two gifts for your corporate holiday party and be sure there’s something for everyone in Santa’s big red bag.   

Full Color 11 oz. Gia Stainless Steel Wine Glass with Lid: “Tis the season for walking around the neighborhood looking at holiday decorations, while sipping on a warm libation. Your branding’s spreading holiday cheer on this stainless steel wine glass. 

18 oz. Florence Stemless Wine Glass: With elegant trim colors that say “festive” from every angle, your business is front and center at the company Christmas party and beyond with this stemless wine glass.  

12 oz. Vinello Stemless Wine Glass: Keep the festive vibes high and the price point low with this stemless wine glass, personalized with your message.  

Swiss Force® Envoy Ice Set: A little something extra for your extra special employees the next time they enjoy a cold drink. 

 This gift is the perfect way to bring season’s greetings to your customers!  

Mineral Soft Touch Stylus Pen & Flashlight Gift Set with Rose Gold Trim: We say there’s nothing more refined than this mineral-colored set with rose gold trim. See your name on every desk and smiles on every face when this customized set is your employee holiday gift.  

The Most Important Company Christmas Party Idea? Ask the Team!

When your team weighs in on what sounds special and festive, they also buy in on a good time ahead. Put together a quick survey to solicit your team’s holiday party ideas. You’ll get a feel for whether employees would rather have an on-site dinner at an outdoor restaurant, stay virtual and have a Zoom party, or meet on-site for pot-luck fixings and silly games. Get a sense of what kind of prizes your employees might enjoy. Do they like to eat out? Enjoy the great outdoors? Want a courtside seat when the home team plays, or a mani-pedi and a scalp massage? Asking for their input sends a message that you’re listening and that you care. With a lively activity, a few prizes, and a special gift that tickles their fancy, your team will go into the holiday season with high spirits and shared joy. Bingo! 

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