Warm Up Your Branding with the Coziest Speckled Mugs!

Whether you want to jump in on this hot new marketing trend or just want the best gift for valued employees and customers, we’re here to help you select and style the best promotional products for your business. You don’t have to be a coffee shop to get in on the fun, either. Speckled mugs are a high trend style that any company can use in their promotional giveaways and custom gifts. Check out these tips to learn how! 

How to Market with Your Speckled Mugs 

Speckled mugs are incredibly popular right now, which makes them the perfect place to market your brand! People want the nostalgic camp-feel without the cold and mosquitos biting at their nose. Lucky for them, you can help put that cozy, campfire vibe in the convenience of their kitchen cabinets by jumping on board with this ceramic-style trend. Whether these mugs end up on your customers’ Insta pages or just heating up their tired hearts, this is a promotional opportunity you don’t want to miss. 

This type of gift giving is a great way to spread good will and doubles as ongoing marketing for your company. When you give away branded products, your logo gets greater visibility with your customers every time they use their new favorite ceramic speckled mug. That logo also gets seen by friends and family of your customers, which increases their positive bias towards your company over time. You can pass these hot mugs out on social media giveaways and contests, and you can find ideas for those on our dedicated social media giveaways blog post. 

Whether it’s a holiday season, camping season, or just a new sale season, ceramic speckles mugs have been hitting home on marketing trends for gift giving. Whether you fill it with a cute stuffed animal, a hot cocoa cube, or artisanal coffee ground bag, speckled mugs make a great gift for anyone looking to warm up hearts and hands with a thoughtful giveaway that captures their best campfire memories. Think of the message you want to send to customers or employees, then say it with a mug to make the message last. 

Top Selection of Ceramic Speckled Mugs in Bulk 

Now that you know how to give out your mugs, check out our selection of speckled styles so you can be on trend with your next big giveaway! Get the best bang for your buck by buying these ceramic mugs in bulk so you have plenty of branding to go around. 

16 oz. Metallic Speckled Ceramic Mug 

This speckled ceramic mug is a serious coffee shop and café favorite, but it’s stylish no matter where you place it. This mug is decorated with a metallic glaze on the bottom and handle to contrast the matte speckle glaze base where your custom logo is printed. Customers will love the subtle copper tones in the metallic glaze just as much as they love this hot new speckled trend, which this mug meets with black and white options. 

Adobe Collection Ceramic Mug – Etched – 16 oz 

Get speckles on speckles with this beautiful Adobe Collection Mug! Choose from a variety of stylish glaze colors to contrast with this mug’s naturally earth-toned ceramic interior. The natural speckles inside come from the sandstone ceramic clay used to make the mug, with a food-safe clear glaze on top to keep it easy to clean and use. Your logo will definitely stand out thanks to our high-contrast etched imprinting that carves your logo into the ceramic itself with laser engraving.  

14 oz. Tall Ceramic Campfire Mug 

Ceramic mugs aren’t just for coffee shops, cafes, and kitchens. You can enjoy your hot morning coffee while camping in the great outdoors with this high-trending speckled ceramic campfire mug. Whether your recipients want to curl up by the fire with a hot drink or enjoy those camping memories from the comfort of their office desk, these beautiful speckled mugs will keep your custom logo close to their hearts and hands. 

15 oz. Ceramic Scouts Campfire Mug

Want something with a little more space inside? This wider version of our customer favorite campfire ceramic speckled mug gives that extra ounce of volume with a wider body, making it an excellent mug for on-the-go soups as well as beverages. Choose from our variety of speckled glaze colors for a mug made for firelight fun. Your custom logo will stand out printed in your choice of colored imprint, accented well by the white interior and black lip. 

More Marketing with Speckled Cups in Bulk 

You thought only mugs can be speckled? Think again! These custom cups and tumblers catch that hot speckled trend while giving the lidded convenience of a travel tumbler. Check them out! 

Speckled Sherpa Tumbler & Insulator – 11 oz 

This travel tumbler perfectly captures this trend’s hype with its deep colors contrasted by natural-looking white speckles, reminiscent of the ceramic style. It also carries all the perks of a travel tumbler with doubled-walled metal construction (note the metal, please don’t microwave it!) that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer. Coupled with a convenient slide-and-sip lid, this tumbler is ready to take your marketing anywhere and everywhere. 

17 oz. Speckled Stainless Steel Pint Cup 

It comes in pints!? Enjoy a tall drink of that beautiful speckled style on this trendy stainless steel cup. Customers can enjoy this cup at home, in the office, or out in nature thanks to its sturdy construction. Pair your custom printed logo with one of our deep ceramic-style colors with that ever-trendy speckle. That ceramic feel that customers crave is further captured by the enamel coating that makes this cup easy to wipe clean.  

The speckled mug aesthetic is a camping classic that is making its way into homes and offices everywhere. Don’t let the trend pass you by, keep your promotional products hot on the market by pairing your brand with this popular ceramic style. Even if mugs aren’t your style, we’ve got tumblers and cups decorated with those sweet speckles that customers are craving.  

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