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How to Brand Your Company Holiday Party

Party. Fête. Bash. However you say it, company holiday parties are kind of the best. It’s a time to relax with coworkers, meet their significant others, and maybe have a couple of drinks (all within moderation, of course 😉). Morale’s boosted, teams get tighter, and there will be plenty of stories shared around the watercooler come Monday.

But before all of that good stuff can happen, you need to actually plan the party. A big part of pulling off a successful company party is to have great decorations. Sure, you can stop by the local party supply store and stock up, but that would be a miss in personalizing the event for your company and employees. There’s nothing quite like walking into a party that’s been so thought out that the company logo is on banners, balloons and gifts.

If you’re ready to party (and we know you are), check out…

Our top picks for custom party supplies

Banners and signs

How fun would it be to use a banner as a photo backdrop when employees walk into the party? We can personalize it with your company name or logo and even a photo that matches the party theme.


An ever-present party staple, balloons are just plain fun. Blow up a bunch of custom balloons and they’ll add instant life to the party.

Table covers

Whether you choose one head table to decorate or all of the tables at the party, custom table covers are a great addition. Choose a size and color, and we’ll finish it off with your company name or logo.

Selfie sticks

Selfie’s are gonna happen, so why not give out a custom selfie stick as a favor? After the party is over, you can ask employees to email their favorite photos to print and put up around the office.


Cheers to a good year! Whether you choose stadium cups or glassware, employees will love this take-home gift.


A lot of companies take the opportunity at the holiday party to present awards to employees. Ours are etched with your imprint and are ready to impress.

So, we’re getting an invite to the party, right?

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