Wondering When National Coffee Day Is?

National Coffee Day is September 29. That’s a Sunday. Which makes it easier to run around collecting free cups of coffee at participating chains like Cinnabon® and Krispy Kreme®. (Starbucks® demures on the free coffee in favor of charitable giving related to smallholder farmers who grow coffee beans.) And it’s an especially good opportunity to visit your local mom-and-pop coffee shop!

Promoting Your Business Through Coffee!

If you’re a business owner, National Coffee Day is a great opportunity to promote your company while appealing to the 83 percent of Americans who drink coffee. For the non-caffeinated among your target audience, they’ll use your customized mug or tumbler for tea if they insist, or as a pen holder if they prefer, but in all cases you’re arming them with your branding.

Here are a few logo coffee mugs and custom tumblers you can distribute with confidence. Focus on National Coffee Day specifically, or simply a client meeting or special event—as coffee drinkers take no breaks from the bean!

Custom Coffee Mugs

These two mugs boast a great price and a full-color imprint that wraps around the whole mug for non-stop branding visibility from any angle.

Custom Tumblers

These affordable, insulated tumblers keep coffee hot or cold, and keep your branding with your customers all day long.

16 oz Big Sur Travel Tumbler

16 oz Big Sur Travel Tumbler – Full Color Inkjet (this version displays your logo in all its full color glory)

Everyone Wins on National Coffee Day

Coffee drinkers span myriad industries and professions. Top coffee-drinkers come in all shapes and sizes, including teachers, plumbers, police, medical staff, executives, IT technical support, writers, retail workers, and professional drivers. With so many folks leading the charge in coffee consumption, it’s clear a customized coffee mug is a safe bet. No matter who your target audience is, a coffee-focused promotional gift is like catching fish in a bucket! So dive in and get buzzed on the branding opportunity the mighty bean presents!

Coffee as a Lifestyle Choice

If you missed National Coffee Day this time around, take heart! Here’s the “tea”, spilled here for the benefit of all with coffee on the brain and promotional products in the budget:

For many of us, Coffee Day is every day and the celebration never ends! Every time my tumbler’s topped off with caf, decaf, or a “half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon,” I get a little anticipatory jolt of hope for the future. I feel a small wave of goodwill toward my coworkers. I perceive a tiny bit of superwoman pulsing through my veins, along with the antioxidants certainly swimming around in my elixir of choice. Such is the perennial role of coffee in many a coffee-drinker’s day-to-day life.

So when it comes to hitching your branding to the coffee wagon, there’s no date that doesn’t work!

P.S. If you do find yourself in a race against the clock and need custom coffee mugs fast, check out our drinkware offerings that are eligible for Free Rush Service.

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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