6 Unique Grand Opening Ideas: Open for (Big) Business

The grand opening of your business should feel like a party. Not an intimate gathering, but a party. The kind where you catch yourself wondering how all these people found out about your event. But how do you go from a good opening to a grand one? Allow us to be your promotional party planners. We’ve got the unique grand opening ideas you need to start your business off with a bang.

There are two main phases to achieving a great grand opening. The first phase is all about raising the hype for the upcoming opening. The second phase is about promoting your brand at the party itself. Let’s discuss how you can optimize brand awareness and loyalty from day one with new business giveaways for each phase.

Phase One: Unique Grand Opening Ideas for the Pre-Launch

You’ve been dreaming about this day for months, and maybe even years. You want everything to go off without a hitch. But in order to have the grand opening of your dreams, you need to invest some time into getting the word out in fun, original ways. To boost visibility and build anticipation before the big day, consider these grand opening event ideas.

Idea #1. To Giveaway Is to Receive

It may be trite, but it’s true: people love free stuff. A grand opening giveaway on social media can help you to gain traction, and put your future business on display. Find a few other local businesses in the area that complement your brand, and ask if they’d chip in a product for your grand opening giveaway on social. This is one of the more useful grand opening store ideas because, as established businesses, they’ll likely already have followings on and off social media that you can benefit from.

Other than the products you contribute to the giveaway, include a custom tote that the lucky winner can carry their products in. Wherever they carry their new tote, eyes will be on your branding.

Idea #2. Spread the News with Branded Treats

When it comes to spreading the news of your grand opening, it’s not about getting the word out to everyone, so much as it’s crucial to corner your target market in a meaningful way.

For example, if you’re promoting the grand opening of your café, you can create small, wrapped treats with your logo and opening date printed on promotional labels, such as the White Gloss Paper Circle Label. Ask a local shop with a similar target demographic to offer them at their cash register. You’ll get exposure with the right people, and they’ll get to gift their customers a little something special for no extra cost.

Idea #3. Promotional Pop-Up Shop

Find a vendor event that caters to the interests of your target demographic. Rent a booth space, and bring a small collection of whatever you plan to sell. Make sure to decorate your space with a custom table cloth that markets your logo, and sets you apart from other vendors. When you package each item sold, place it in a promotional bag or label it with a promotional sticker. Be sure these include information like your logo, brand name, website, and social media handles.

Phase Two: Unique Grand Opening Ideas to Promote at the Party

It’s your party and you can cry if you want to, but with these promotions in place, those are sure to be tears of joy. Creating brand loyalty is vital to small businesses. Make the first visitors to your business feel celebrated with these unique grand opening ideas.

Idea #4. Get Your Marketing in the Bag

Giving away a few free products is a great way to show customers they’re valued. Handing out these treats in customized bags will help customers to remember your brand after they leave the store. Even if you’re not packing these with a ton of expensive products, your new customers are sure to be delighted with the unexpected promotional gift.

Idea #5. Flag Down Customers

Don’t let customers pass you by. When your business can’t be easily seen from the street, a custom flag is the solution. Custom flags catch the eyes of potential customers and guide them toward your business. Feature your logo, “GRAND OPENING” in bold text, and a picture to attract more people to your festivities.

Idea #6. For Ballooning Sales…

Nothing says it’s party time like balloons. If you want unique grand opening ideas that will bring joy and customers to your front door, personalized balloons are the way to go. Your custom logo on these balloons will welcome passersby to stop in and see what the celebrations are all about.

Use one or more of these grand opening promotional products to get the exposure your business needs to grow quick. Let us know if you used these grand opening event ideas by tagging us in your party pics on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t wait to see how your new business blossoms!

Jessica Carreiro

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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