Safety Promotional Items: Safety First…Then Branding!

Safety Promotional Items: Safety First…Then Branding!

There’s nothing more important than your employees’ wellbeing. Make sure your employees know that their welfare is on your mind by taking measures to protect them with safety promotional items. Not only does this equipment boost employee confidence, when you personalize it, it creates a unique marketing moment.

Have you ever driven by a construction site and wondered who was doing all that beautiful work? With your employees decked out in safety promotional items, everyone can see who to call when they need a similar job done. Incorporating your brand logo, name, or message into your safety promotional items lets employees advertise your services whether they’re on the site or out to lunch. Not sure which workplace safety equipment you need branded? Here are some of our favorite ideas to promote safety in the workplace.

Promotional Safety Glasses: Advertising Through a Different Lens

You want your employees to keep their eyes on the prize when it comes to hitting deadlines and goals. To do that, they’re going to need their eyes safe. Whether your employees are dealing with chemicals in a lab, sharp tools on construction sites, or even flying cartridges at the shooting range, there are promotional safety glasses to suit your needs. Market your logo on the side of these safety glasses to call attention to your brand’s detailed sophistication.

1. For Shooting Ranges

Safety is extra important on the shooting range. Get all of your instructors wearing the same promotional safety glasses to distinguish them as part of a team who puts protection and professionalism first. The Ducks Unlimited Forum Shooting Glasses shield against harmful UV rays, dust, and flying cartridges.

2. For Construction Sites

When working with power tools, the last thing you want to worry about is having to adjust your glasses. The PMXtreme Safety Glasses are ideal because they are designed to stay fixed to the face. Whether your employees have to work at elevated heights or have their hands too full of equipment to catch loose or slipping glasses, they can take comfort in knowing these protective lenses aren’t going anywhere.

3. For the Lab

One splash is all it takes to have a really bad day in the lab. Ensure that the promotional safety glasses your employees wear are as high quality as everything else in your lab. The Integra Safety Glasses shield the eyes at every angle, including the sides, for full protective coverage.

Custom Logo Safety Vests: An Important Investment

When construction calls for working long hours into the night, anxiety over improper safety risks can drag down employee morale. Ease worries and boost team spirit with custom logo safety vests. These reflective vests are bright and easy to see, making your care for your employees’ safety plain as day. That effort to provide safe and considerate management is certainly something you want to promote about your brand. Printing your logo on these construction promotional products will boost your brand image and visibility.

1. For Crosswalk Attendants or Event Workers

Custom logo safety vests make school crosswalk attendants easier to see, and bring positive attention to your school from all who pass by. In the same way, personalizing reflective wear like this Safety T-Shirt gives your outdoor events like festivals an added layer of professionalism. Let audience members know who is on your team by making event workers simple to spot.

2. For Construction Sites & Night Work

It’s crucial for the safety of your crew that they can be seen from a distance. The strips on the neon orange or yellow Safety Vest with Reflective Stripes makes it a necessary asset to all work sites. Customize your construction team’s work wear with your logo to inspire team unity and optimal brand exposure.

Custom Hard Hats: Putting Safety Ahead

Safety is one thing you always want to be hard-headed about. Head injuries can be dangerous and costly. Ensure that your crew is safe from head to toe with custom hard hats. Placing your logo on hard hats gives your entire construction operation a more polished look, even when everyone is covered in dust! Here’s what we suggest for promoting brand awareness and proper safety protocols at the same time.

1. For Construction Zones

When it comes to dangerous jobs, part of the work uniform should always include safety promotional items like the Full Brim Hard Hat. This custom hard hat can be adjusted to provide the perfect fit for everyone on your team. Personalizing each with your brand logo increases the positive perception of your company image. When you consider the benefit to employees as well as the exposure of your company logo, custom hard hats are one of those construction promotional items your company needs.


From both the consumer and employee’s perspectives, you can’t go wrong with implementing safety promotional items into work uniforms. No matter which fun workplace safety ideas you go with, you’ll be glad you decided to advertise in a way that simultaneously protects your workforce. After all, you can’t get the finished product you want without your crew of happy, healthy employees.

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