Real Estate Promotional Ideas: Take Clients from Looking to Sold with Giveaways

Looking for a new home can get chaotic. Buyers are often searching through so many spaces, distinguishing one listing from the next becomes a challenge. If you’re a real estate agent, that means you need a way to make your listings stand out. Real estate agent giveaways lend you the professional edge you need to go from looky-loos to serious buyers.

There are so many ways that you can renovate your marketing blueprint with real estate promotional items. You can give both buyers and sellers a reason to cheers by gifting personalized drinkware to prospects. Or you can hand out custom pens that will remind potential clients whose dotted line they want to sign on.

Need more inspiration for how you can boost your business? Here are some of our favorite real estate promotional ideas to help put the sold sign out front, and the commission in your pocket:

Real Estate Promotional Idea #1: Custom Magnets

Nothing attracts buyers like personalized magnets. These are great real estate giveaway ideas because they ensure that your name sticks with potential clients. That way, even if prospects aren’t ready to sell right now, the moment they are, they know exactly where they can find your name and contact information.

The Home Shaped Magnet is easy to find on the fridge, and sends a clear message that you’re the person to call when clients are ready to buy or sell their home-sweet-home.

Real Estate Promotional Idea #2: Personalized Notepads

An oldie, but a goodie. Personalized notepads are one of the most classic real estate agent giveaways for a reason. It’s easy for clients to lose track of all the important dates and details when house hunting. Handing out custom notepads with your name and business information will help potential clients to keep their needs in order—starting with contacting you!

The Royal Notepad with Pen has the polished look that you need to attract luxury clientele. Complete with a pen, this notebook is ready to take on viewings.

Real Estate Promotional Idea #3: Marketing Gifts

There are all sorts of tricks real estate agents have long used to make the homes they’re selling feel cozier. Some like to make the home smell like fresh baked apple pie. Some use professionals to stage the home with perfectly curated furniture and art. For a new trick that’s sure to work, try real estate agent giveaways. The right marketing gift can stir up those same home-sweet-home vibes, all while advertising your business.

Use the 4 oz Round Tin Candle to promote your name, agency, logo, and website, and create a soothing environment that clients will want to live in. Set these soy candles out for customers to take, and light one to fill the room with the scent you want. There’s even a choice of baked apple, to help you get that fresh baked scent in the space you’re selling.

Real Estate Promotional Idea #4: Customized Drinkware

If you don’t want your deal going bottoms up, get your clientele saying “Bottoms up!” Customized tumblers or wine glasses set the mood for high-end real estate listings. Get each glass personalized with your name, phone number, website, or even the address of your listing. This is sure to impress clients and let both buyers and sellers know you’re a seasoned pro they can trust.

The personalized Wine Glass – 15 oz leaves customers with a homey feeling, down to the last drop. Set these out at your open house as a more refined, exclusive offering that clients are sure to remember.

Real Estate Promotional Idea #5: Personalized Pens

One of the best real estate agent giveaways is a customized pen. This simple gift is sure to be carried along with clients, and used all throughout their home buying or selling experience. Personalize these giveaways with all of the information you want potential clients to remember, like your name, phone number, and website.

The Alpha Pen is a best-seller that’s sure to help you sell too. This pen has the contemporary quality you want to represent yourself as an agent who is up to date on market trends. Use this giveaway to let your clientele know you put care and consideration into every detail.

Whatever you choose to customize, having a personalized gift that shows off your professionalism as an agent is sure to let clients know they are safe in your hands. Have you tried one of these giveaway ideas in your real estate business? Show us how they turned out on Facebook or Instagram. We love seeing how well you sell!

Jessica Carreiro

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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