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Save More, Share More: How to Brand Within Budget

More money means more marketing, right? As it turns out, sharing your brand doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. With inexpensive promotional items, you can reach even more customers while staying within your budget! Check out our guide to saving your money while sharing your brand with these custom products.

Cheap Promotional Products for Budgets Under $150

Trying to keep your budget tight? Good news, there’s a lot of options you can explore! Check out some of our customer-favorite products that offer powerful branding potential for under $150. 

Mineral Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Rose Gold Trim 

Wait, you can get rose gold pens for under $150!? It’s true, most of our pens fit perfectly into a $150 budget. For example, you can get 100 of these popular pens for only $149! Featuring mineral colors, a color-matched stylus, and your laser engraved logo, these pens are worth every penny. 

Engraved 3 LED Flashlight Keychain 

These keychains are sure to brighten anyone’s day, and for $99.50 you can turn 50 customers into your brand ambassadors! Anytime they need to walk to the car on a dark evening or rescue their hamster from under the couch, your laser engraved logo will stand out alongside 3 LED lights set in lightweight aluminum.

Collapsible Arctic Foam Can Cooler

Ever get tired of your hands heating up your canned drinks, or the drinks freezing your hand? These collapsible can coolers offer a comfortable grip and lasting drink satisfaction for 150 customers at the budget-friendly price of $141!

Budget Shopper RPET Tote

Fifty lucky customers are going to be heading home with your logo on their arm for the affordable price of $79.50. Made with recycled plastic, these reusable bags offer a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic shopping bags while displaying your brand alongside earthy colors.

Everyday Commuter Drawstring Backpack 

Want to share your brand around campus or make the morning commute easier for your customers? These colorful drawstring backpacks are easy to match to your brand and can be gifted to 50 customers for only $125.50. 

Hot Tip: Pens like the Engraved Aria Gel Pen also fit into a $150 budget! Just choose an order size (in this case, 75 pens) according to your budget and plans for distribution. With our wide variety of order sizes, you can get any pen you like for under $150. 

Affordable Promotional Products for Budgets Under $250

Ready to impress but trying to stay on budget? $250 goes a long way with these high-quality gifts and giveaways. 

Bright Full Color Charon Notebook & Pen Gift Set 

Perfect for tradeshows, long conferences, and employees you really want to start on the right foot with, these notebook and pen sets feature your full color logo on the cover, bold colors, and one of our most popular pens for brilliance on the go. Share your brand on these luxurious gift sets with 50 customers or employees for only $184.50!

14 oz. Naomi Tapered Bistro Mug 

Mmmm, you can taste the coffee just looking at these traditional bistro-style mugs. Displaying your logo on an elegant, tapered design, 72 lucky customers are about to make you a part of their morning coffee routine for only $201.60.

16 oz. Ava Stadium Cup 

Get ready to throw the best. party. ever. with 250 of these colorful cups for only $195! Stylish and stackable, these cups are BPA-free, top-shelf dishwasher safe, and the perfect take-home gift for any company or sports event.

Large Wave Patterned Shopping Bag 

Are customers still shopping at your store with basic single-use plastic bags? These reusable bags are sized for shopping sprees, made to last, and feature your custom logo bright and bold on the side. Send 100 customers home with this stylish return invitation for only $180.

Medium Galina Cotton Tote Bag

While this bag is great for shopping, it also makes the perfect day tote for library trips, beach days, work commutes, and more. Send your logo to all new places on the arms of 100 customers for only $180. 

Budget Promotional Items $300 and Under

Ready to stretch that dollar a little further? These gifts are luxurious, fun to use, and perfect for budgets under $300. 

Shoren Backpack 

Not feeling the drawstring life? Share your brand on this custom backpack featuring adjustable straps, mesh pockets for drinks, and your custom logo on the front! Perfect for employee or executive gifting, you can turn 25 people into walking billboards for your brand for only $239.50. 

12 oz. Rustic Ceramic Mug 

A rustic design with a modern matte glaze is a great way to bring your logo to life for your customers. Glaze on the top, naked on the bottom, and made with real ceramic, this mug is sure to earn a special place in any kitchen. Share the mug life with 72 customers for only $270.

17 oz. Vida RPET Bottle 

This gift gave single use water bottles an upgrade and recycled them into all new reusable water bottles! Featuring a shiny cap and wrist strap, these bottles are a great way to hydrate your customers on the go while sharing your brand the whole way! Share the active lifestyle with 100 customers for only $275.

Classic Deluxe Bottle Opener

Ready to make your customers the hero of their next party? Equip them with a stainless steel bottle opener, pocketknife, and corkscrew in one, featuring your logo on the handle. Pocket-sized and made for spur-of-the-moment drink needs, you can equip 100 customers for only $258.

Engraved Aria Gel Pen with Rose Gold Trim

One of our most luxurious pen styles, this gel pen features a rose gold trim, a color-matched stylus, a soft touch matte coating, and your custom logo laser engraved on the barrel. Want to share this with your best clients and executives? Turns out there’s plenty for everyone when you buy 150 pens for $232.50. 

Affordable Marketing Materials Under $500

Looking for cheap corporate gifts that are as luxurious as they are affordable? These gifts are made to impress while keeping comfortably below your budget. 

Full Color Alpha Gift Set in Stitch Box 

You’ve seen our dazzling flashlight keychains and custom Alpha pens, but what if you could offer them together in a gorgeous black gift box featuring your logo? For $322, you can give the perfect gift to 50 top clients and customers. 

25 oz. Kai Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Looking for the perfect corporate gift that fits your budget? This stainless steel water bottle packs a punch with exciting features like its leakproof lid with a carrying loop, professional powder finish, and vacuum insulation designed to keep drinks at temperature for 6 hours! Get 40 of these high-quality gifts for $452. 

11 oz. Rae Tumbler & Can Cooler

Some like it hot, some like it cold, and pretty much everyone loves their drinks canned, but nobody likes their drink to lose temperature too fast. Give 36 lucky clients the perfect drink experience wherever they go for only $359.64.

40-Can RPET Party Cooler Bag

Good food and drinks weren’t meant to be left in the kitchen, and neither is your logo! Send both to picnics, work lunches, parties, and more with these roomy RPET cooler bags. Send 25 lucky brand ambassadors to party with their own cooler bags for only $374.25.

5 oz. Recycled Cotton Drawstring Bag 

Think drawstring bags can’t be luxurious? Think again! These trendy carry-ons are made with a comfortably soft combo of recycled and new cotton. Customers can carry these as a tote or a backpack with the top handles and cotton string straps. You can surprise 100 lucky customers or employees with these trendy bags for only $383. 

Whether you’re looking for something you can buy in bulk to flood your community with or tasteful gifts to surprise high profile clients, there’s something for every budget at Better yet? These aren’t the only inexpensive promotional items available for you to customize! We offer a wide variety of order sizes and bulk pricing to fit any business budget, so check out or site for more. 

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