Grocery Store Marketing Ideas for In-Person & Online Grocery Shoppers & Employees

If you’re a grocery store or a grocery delivery service, chances are you’re doing okay these days. In-person grocery sales remain strong as consumers continue eating in more frequently amid the health crisis, while online grocery sales have soared. Online sales went from $4 billion in March 2020 to $7.2 billion in June, and household penetration rose to 35%.

Long after COVID-19, we’re bound to remember specific moments, people, and brands that defined our experience, uplifted our spirits, or connected us as a community. And masking up to go to the grocery store, or getting groceries delivered to our doorstep using a grocery delivery service will be, for many of us, among those memories.

Now’s a great time to solidify relationships with customers new and old. Following are a few hand-picked grocery store marketing promotional items designed to help you stay top of mind among your target audience when they’re ordering groceries online or shopping with you in person:

Customized Grocery Store Bags

As a point-of-sale product offering or an unexpected gift, logo grocery bags make the perfect billboard for grocery store advertising. And for the best online grocery shopping or grocery delivery service experience for your customers, presentation is key and a branded grocery bag helps you make a top-notch, lasting impression:

Tip: Check out our large selection of custom paper bags and reusable shopping bags to find the perfect fit for your style and budget.

Customized Face Masks, Shields, and Sanitizer

Keep your team members and customers safe with complementary PPE and other health and personal care items boasting your grocery store advertising.

Tip: From face shields to antimicrobial mouse pads to touch-free tools, our selection of Health & Personal Care Products address most COVID-19 marketing needs you might have, including social distance signage, hand sanitizer stations, and more.

Now’s a Great Time to Go the Extra Mile

Whether you’re focused on grocery store marketing, grocery delivery marketing, online grocery marketing, or all three, the interactions of today will be remembered long after COVID-19. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business as you forge lasting connections within your community.

Let us know which grocery store marketing ideas work best for you, and if there are custom promotional products you’d like to see on our website to support your online grocery marketing or grocery delivery service. See you on InstagramFacebook, and in the fresh ideas aisle of your local grocery store. 🙂


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