Telehealth Marketing Ideas: The Right Call for Your Business

For a long time, doctor’s appointments have been the same. You take time off work, go to the office, sit in a waiting room, and finally, after what feels like an eternity, you see a doctor. Telehealth companies have revolutionized that experience by offering customers a way to connect with doctors virtually. And with COVID-19 causing many to avoid health facilities out of fear of exposure, this option is increasingly essential.

If you’re in the telehealth industry, now is the perfect time to start letting people know how you can help. Dial up these telehealth marketing ideas to spread the word about health and wellness that’s just a call away.

3 Ways to Market Telehealth in 2020

Let’s focus on three ways to connect with potential clients:

  • Social Media
  • Informational Content
  • Promotional Mailers

Social Media Ideas

Telehealth is all about getting in-touch virtually. Show you can master that with social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram will allow you to share patient success stories, offer quick tips, and take polls. Consider asking your audience what they most value in a virtual doctor’s appointment, with response options like ‘attentive physicians’ or ‘ease of getting needed prescriptions’. This shows them you care, and provides direction for where to focus your content.

Tip: Take a look at our blog post on crafting social media campaigns.

Informational Content Ideas

The best telehealth advertising you can do is to answer all the questions potential clients may have, and assuage any fears or hesitation. Through blogs and informational emails, you can walk your audience through setting up a telehealth appointment, how to get or refill their medication, how to track test results online, and so much more.

Many may wonder what can be treated via telehealth. Let potential customers know that they can use telehealth services to reduce the amount of in-office diabetes checkups, to discuss issues with migraines, treat conjunctivitis, develop a treatment plan for mental health concerns, and more. Guiding customers through this process will demystify telehealth, and allow them to see how much easier it can be than going for an in-person visit when it’s not warranted.

Promotional Mailer Ideas

Since smaller telehealth companies will be competing against large healthcare companies with virtual services, your telehealth marketing needs to highlight the benefits of what you’re offering. Giving your company a local, person-first feel is a great way to do that. Send a mailer to potential clients with what they need to get to know and trust your business. That means educational brochures and a gift.

Telehealth Marketing Products

Some of the promotional telehealth products we recommend are:

Antimicrobial Pens

Not only will antimicrobial promotional pens promote your business, they’ll keep customers safe by inhibiting the spread of germs.

Fridge Magnets

Include all of your important information, such as your website and phone number, on custom fridge magnets so customers can easily contact your service when the need arises.

No-touch Tools

These no-touch tools make for ideal telehealth products because they keep customers from coming in contact with germs on surfaces, and market your brand at the same time. Since customers can use these to open doors, function key pads, and press elevator buttons, they’re sure to use this branded promotion on a daily basis.


Use one or all of these telehealth marketing ideas and product tips to better inform customers about your business. Show us on Facebook or Instagram how you’re boosting your telehealth advertising.

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