Marketing for Yoga Studios: Just Say “Om”(or “Online” or “Outside”)

If you’re looking for yoga studio promotion ideas in 2022, welcome to the “new new”! But first…. Let’s take a deep breath and a stroll down memory lane. Remember the good ol’ days when marketing for yoga studios meant promoting in-studio bundled packages and recurring monthly plans? Those were the days of packed yoga studios, sweaty bodies on wall-to-wall yoga mats, and status symbol yoga wear designed to impress before, during and after vinyasa flow.  

Over the past two years, yoga has become even more crucial for mental health and wellbeing, not to mention the physical advantages of stretching, flowing, breathing, and communing with others. Unfortunately, the latter benefit, communing with others, has proven challenging when preventing the spread of germs is Priority #1. As a result, marketing yoga classes has become an exercise in pivoting. Perhaps pivoting in a flow state, while breathing and maybe maintaining warrior pose or downward dog, but pivoting nonetheless. 

Today’s marketing for yoga studios emphasizes outdoor classes, in-home classes, virtual instruction, and studio classes that focus on circulation and social distancing. How to promote yoga classes in this environment involves providing many options to your clients. Following are a few winning strategies for marketing your yoga studio or yoga instruction under almost any circumstances:  

1. So Many Poses, So Many Places: Yoga Studio Promotion Ideas Focus on Personalization

With many more people working from home, caring for kids who are learning from home, or avoiding gathering and exercising in close quarters for safety reasons, offering options is critical to marketing your yoga studio. When advertising your yoga studio or yoga instruction, make sure to list all class settings you offer, including private in-studio classes, smaller class sizes, park or open-air lessons, virtual sessions including both live and pre-recorded. Emphasize any related services such as massage, bodywork, or guided meditation. Let yogis know they are not alone, that there is a community available to them that will keep them connected to their mind, body, spirt, and to others—no matter what exercise environment they require. 

2. Online Is Where It’s At: Use Social Media to Market Yoga Classes

You might have launched virtual yoga classes via YouTube or another on-line platform. You might be offering clients private lessons via a private Zoom session. Keep customers up to date on online options through your website and your social media profiles.  

3. All Signs Point to…Your Yoga Studio

If you’re operating an in-person studio, be sure to use sidewalk signs or attach a custom car door sign to your vehicle, to advertise your in-person and online offerings. Similarly, for yoga classes held in parks, on rooftops, and on beach fronts, set up a customized sign that lets passersby know how they can get involved. Publish small ads in your local newspaper to get the attention of old school yogis.  

4. Create Community with Yoga Promotion Items

When your customers are just as likely to be flowing at home, outside, or in your studio, you can market to their whole family. These yoga promotional products can be targeted to your customer and also used to encourage participation by kids, friends, and family members who might be in the vicinity of your customer’s yoga mat.  

Metallic Accent Addie Tote Bag: Keep your studio top of mind and add shiny fun to outdoor classes with this trendy tote bag that’s just the right size for towel, yoga wear, and water. 

Mineral Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Rose Gold Trim: Use this stunning stylus pen to market your yoga studio via direct mail to existing clients or through distribution after class. 

Lip Balm: Don’t leave your clients with chapped lips or empty hands. Keep your yogis feeling special with affordable, customized gifts like this SPF 15 lip balm.  

32 oz. Translucent Flip Top Water Bottle: Keep their practice fresh and their bodies hydrated with this trendy, translucent water bottle. 

Alpha Fitness Towel:  Whether you’re teaching on the beach, in a park, or in a well-ventilated yoga studio, every practitioner appreciates a towel. This one has your name silkcreened on the front in the color of your choice.  

5. Some Yoga Poses—and Yoga Studio Promotion Ideas—Never Change

With roots traceable to India over 5000 years ago, yoga was and remains a constant force in many cultures and lives. Although how we consume yoga has evolved with the times, the benefits remain the same, and are even more important than ever: A calmer mind, stronger body, and deeper connection to the world and each other. Our yoga students continue to experience the confidence boost inspired by the always accessible “tree pose” (Phew! Everyone’s a winner!)? Likewise, fellow yogis still look with awe and intimidation at the rockstar student who effortlessly glides into crow pose, crane pose, and tripod headstand with lotus legs (“I can do that! I just need a little more coffee!”). Though delivery of yoga instruction has evolved over time to include online as well as in-person, and live vs pre-recorded instruction, marketing for yoga studios continues to deliver using tried and true channels. Leverage social media, print media, street level signage, and the latest yoga promotional products to keep your students inspired and your business healthy.  

6. Shavasana, Extended: A Few More Yoga Studio Promotional Ideas to Ponder

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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