Today’s Mask: A Symbol of Modernity? Self-Respect? Community & Compassion?

Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Remember way back in 2019? When masks were for special occasions, like trick-or-treating, Mardi Gras, masquerade balls? Yes, there were a few folks wearing masks on the daily. Like OR docs, dental hygienists, plus Catwoman, Batman, and Robin, of course. But before COVID, the face mask was not ubiquitous the way it is now. 

These days, everything from a 2-ply cotton to a medical procedure to a gaiter or tubedana mask is de rigueur when you’re in a public spot. Going out without one is like leaving the house without your wallet. But what about after COVID? What about after everyone’s vaccinated, herd immunity has been achieved, and it’s about time for “these unprecedented times” to become history? What then? Do we all unmask and run around hugging strangers like it’s Mardi Gras on every block? 

Probably not. For a few good reasons:

COVID Has Variants

Multiple variants are circulating globally and, similar to how people get new flu vaccines annually as variants emerge, we may be following a similar course in response to the COVID-19 virus. With this level of uncertainty, it makes sense to stay careful and cautious.

Masks Work

Masks are highly effective and can make life safer for you and those around you when it comes to viruses and more. They can be used to avoid fumes when painting, spraying natural pesticides in the garden, using glue for crafting, sawdust while woodworking, dust while cleaning, and more. For a reusable, 2-ply mask that’s suitable for multiple masking occasions, we like this one:

Britebrand™ 2-Layer Reusable Cotton Mask – Customize with Logo |

People Are Considerate…and Stylish?

Many Asian countries have been using face masks for decades to slow and prevent the spread of illness. It is common practice for a person who is trying to prevent spreading or catching a cold or other virus, to don a medical procedure or similar mask. Similarly, in both China and Korea, masks are often worn on days when air quality is poor due to dust and other pollutants. Lastly but equally important, “face mask fashion” is a trend among Asian youth. Like a hat or a scarf, face masks allow increased privacy and serve as personal accessories as well. In the stylish mask category, we like this one: 

Promotional 2-Layer 3D Adjustable Face Mask

Masks Make Good Sense

We’re all ready for COVID, quarantine, big hits to small business, and tragic loss of life to be behind us. It may well be that as we move forward toward a new and brighter chapter, face masks will move with us, continuing to allow increased safety, community cooperation, and a bit of personal expression to boot. 

If you’re planning to stay prepared and help your customers do the same, we’ve got you covered (pun!). Along with a wide variety of personalized and blank masks and mask lanyards, our customized PPE offerings include protective products of all kinds, including pens with antimicrobial additivehand sanitizer, no touch tools, and more. And while we may not see the “no touch foot handle” on every retail door, we predict face masks, hand sanitizer, stylus pens and touch-free tools will continue to be a welcome addition to health and wellness accessories for families, friends, customers, employees, students, and more.

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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