5 Best Types of Mechanical Pencils

Pencils are the ideal writing instrument. They let you make your mark, but also leave room to correct mistakes. The only problem? They require an extra tool just to stay sharp. That’s where mechanical pencils come in handy. These convenient tools have a surprisingly long history of providing the convenience and style of pens, with the functionality of pencils. Today, there are various types of mechanical pencils to choose from. 

When Were Mechanical Pencils Invented, You Ask?

Back in 1822! We owe this invention to the sophisticated stylings of an engineer, John Isaac Hawkins, and a silversmith, Samson Mordan. The pair realized that they could take the lead in pencils (which is typically made of graphite) and set it in a mechanism that propelled the lead core forward. That’s why mechanical pencils are also called propelling pencils.

Since then, we’ve made all kinds of advancements. There are plastic mechanical pencils, which most of us are familiar with from our school days, and more contemporary designs made with bamboo and metal. Metal mechanical pencils are increasingly popular, not simply for the high-end quality, but because they are a plastic-free reusable alternative to traditional pencils. 

Wondering which is best for you or your business? Let’s discuss the advantages to the top types of mechanical pencils so you can customize what’s right for you.

Types of Mechanical Pencils

1. The Classic: Plastic Mechanical Pencils

There’s a reason everyone loves a classic. These plastic Soft-Rite Mechanical Pencils are perfect in all kinds of settings, from classrooms to offices. Their functionality, affordability, and soft touch rubberized finish make them a best-seller across industries.

2. Eco-Friendly: Bamboo Mechanical Pencils

Most mechanical pens are either made with plastic or metal. That’s what makes these Eco-Friendly Bamboo Arlington Mechanical Pencils stand out. Made with bamboo, they have the trendy style and sustainable materials that many are looking for to replace their traditional pencils. Laser engraved mechanical pencils like these create a long-lasting, elegant statement about your brand.

3. Top Quality: Metal Mechanical Pencils

Pen or pencil, this winning design is a hit with customers. That’s why many businesses buy these Paragon Mechanical Pencils to match their promotional Paragon Pens, one of our top-selling engraved pens. The laser engraved imprint is a testament to your brand’s quality, and the reusable metal barrel makes this option more eco-friendly than plastic mechanical pencils or even regular wood pencils.

4. Dual Use: Combination Pen & Mechanical Pencils

Just when you think you’ve seen it all! This isn’t simply a combination pen and pencil. That wouldn’t raise our brow. But a combination pencil and pen that writes in four different colors? Okay, that deserves applause. The Britebrand™ 5-in-1 Multi-Ink Andrew Pen & Mechanical Pencil is simply the only writing tool recipients will ever need. It has black, blue, green, and red ink, as well as featuring your full color logo on the barrel. What more could you ask for?

5. Comfort Option: Contoured Mechanical Pencils

Ergonomics are a big deal—from raised desks to blue light blocking glasses, people take their body’s health and comfort seriously. That’s why the gently curved shape of the Tropic Mechanical Pencil is so ideal. The contours align with the hand making for hours of easy writing. 

More of a pencil traditionalist? If you’re not sold on the types of mechanical pencils, there are plenty of other options for personalized pencils, from carpenter pencils to colored pencils. Find out more about the wide world of pencils in our post, Pencil Types: 5 Types of Pencils & Their Advantages.

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