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Meet the Porter Collection: Your New Favorite Bags from

Looking for something new to carry your logo to new horizons? We’ve got a whole new bag line just waiting to go the distance for your brand! Featuring popular styles like cooler bags and rucksacks, these bags and backpacks make it easier than ever to give high- quality branded gifts that will be used and treasured. Ready to meet your new favorite giveaways? Here is the Porter Collection! 

What Is the Porter Collection?

The Porter Collection is an all new bag line from, featuring a variety of high-quality custom tote bags and promotional backpacks, styled in trendy heathered gray. These simple color schemes allow your brand to take center stage while also matching any occasion. At home both in the office and on the trail, these custom bags and backpacks are designed to keep your logo visible with every adventure your customers carry them on. 

5 Reasons We Love the Porter Collection

Like we need more reasons to love these bags, here are a few perks that put the Porter Collection at the top of our favorite list: 

  • Adds a Little Comfy to Your Commute: On your way to work? This collection features wide, comfortable straps, cooler linings, rucksack tops, and more! More than just your typical single-opening bags, these totes and backpacks are packed with zippered pockets and comfortable supports.
  • Trendiness That Won’t Go Out of Style: Have we ever accessorized with trends we regret? Nope, not us. We feel great about those 90s bucket hats. But if you’re looking to put your brand on a trend that will never go out of style, these bags come with a 100% regret-free guarantee. Neutral, heathered gray fabric offers an upscale design that matches any occasion, fitting in perfectly with formal office styles as well as with camping chic. No matter what your industry or branding style, these bags will suit your logo and your customers’ lifestyles.
  • Seriously Strong: Need a bag that won’t fall apart on you? A custom bag should be your customers’ favorite for decades of brand visibility, not one week to be replaced by Aunt Edna’s homemade knapsack. That’s why these bags are built to last with high quality polyester, made with rugged durability that customers can count on to last through outdoor adventures and long commutes alike.
  • Puts Your Logo Center Stage: Let’s talk about this bag’s most important feature – your logo! Each of these bags feature a billboard-sized space for your custom logo and message so nobody will have to ask “where did you get that bag?” One glance and customers will be lining up at your door for the chance to wear your brand.  Want to get your logo seen around campus or by local business executives? Spread these around and you’re sure to be turning heads.

Meet the Stars of the Porter Collection

Porter Collection Sport Drawstring Bag

This isn’t your typical sack with strings. This bag features wide adjustable straps and a roomy interior, plus two large size pockets for drinks (because on-the-go hydration is a two-bottle game.) One large zippered front pocket keeps the little things in check while showing off your logo and message in large print. 

Porter Collection Rucksack Backpack

Time to embrace that traveler’s chic with this trendy rucksack style, featuring a roll top that offers adjustable bag height, plus comfort straps for those endless commutes and 100-staircase campus treks. Customers will also enjoy the two zippered front pockets, plus your custom logo squarely positioned where nobody can miss it.

Porter Collection Large Cooler Tote Bag

Savior of store-bought ice cream and frozen meat, this cooler bag features lightweight but highly effective insulation. Enjoy a whopping 44-can capacity, enough for the Thanksgiving turkey or enough drinks to get everyone talking politics. Our long, wide straps make carrying a breeze, plus the ample space for your logo sets your brand at the center of any gathering. 

Porter Collection Backpack Cooler

Why choose between the cooler bag and backpack when you can have both? Some features of this cooler backpack include two side pockets and one front pocket for organized lunch packing, lightweight but super cool cooler lining, plus wide comfort adjustable straps. The 24-can capacity is perfect for date night picnics, and your custom logo printed boldly on the front keeps all eyes on what’s important. 

There’s no telling where your logo will travel next on these high-quality custom bags and backpacks. Use the Porter Collection to upgrade your custom gifts and giveaways to a whole new level of style, comfort, and convenience. Share these gifts with employees, important clients, and anyone else you want to impress while getting your brand in front of all the right people. 

Katie Yelisetti

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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