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Our Favorite Graduation Party Favor Ideas for 2019

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a select group of your favorite grads or throwing a graduation party for the whole class, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite personalized graduation gifts for 2019, and read on for more details about our best graduation party favor ideas.

Graduation Giveaways for Guests & Graduates

It doesn’t matter what level of education they’re celebrating the completion of—graduation is a big accomplishment and grads should be rewarded accordingly. We get it: you want to give the graduates in your life a gift that is meaningful, useful, and unique. We also get that this can be a tricky trifecta to master.

A great way to make graduation giveaways for your guests and graduates more meaningful is to associate gifts with this momentous life event. And remember: your grads have been studying hard for quite some time. Don’t make them do any extra thinking by expecting them to guess at the reason for your gifts!

This is why our customized products are such ideal graduation party favor ideas—you can print or engrave your message on each one. And if you really want to drive it home, make note of the meaning behind your gifts in a toast or speech at the event.

Flashlight Giveaways: Show Them the Future is Bright

Another useful and budget-friendly graduation party favor idea is to give your grads custom flashlights. Everybody can find use for a flashlight, especially one that fits on a key chain. We think our super-popular LED Flashlight Key Chain, which can be purchased in any school’s color, is the perfect gift to tell grads how bright their futures are!

Graduation Keychains: Send Them Off, but Remind Them Home is Always Waiting

The Caravan 6-Function Pocket Knife with key ring is a perfect—and affordable—personalized graduation keychain that’s easy to attach a touching graduation message to. What a fantastic way to tell grads that they have all of the tools they need to succeed on their own, but not to forget that they’ll always have the support they need at home when they need extra encouragement!

Personalized Drinkware: Keep Grads Fueled for Bigger and Better Things

Whether your grads are moving on to a higher level of education or they’re moving on to a more demanding professional position, you can feel confident that caffeine will be an essential tool for their next endeavor.

The 16 oz. Big Sur Travel Tumbler is an ideal giveaway for these grads because not only does it hold a reassuring two full cups of coffee, but it can be customized with school colors and your messaging in brilliant full color. If we were handing these out, we’d customize them with a “Full Steam Ahead” message.

Tech Party Favors: Or Just Spoil Them…

Ok, so maybe the meaningful gift just isn’t the way you want to go. We have graduation party favor ideas that are just plain cool, too.

Especially if you only plan on giving to a few graduates, tech gifts are a great way to go. These graduation giveaways may be more on the luxury side, but let’s be honest—who won’t appreciate a generous gift more than a graduate who is most likely broke?

A tech-forward portfolio like the Pen2Paper Fremont Powerbank Portfolio is the perfect gift to send grads on their professional paths. However, if you’re looking for something a little more fun, any graduate will love to receive a Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker customized with their class year.

We know how proud you are of your graduates, and we are, too! We hope these graduation party favor and giveaway ideas help you put the finishing touches on an event that commemorates this milestone in a fun and meaningful way.


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