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Earth Day Favorites: Eco-Friendly Notebooks

Let’s be honest, a lot of us are trying to up our green game, but aren’t exactly sure how. It can be downright confusing and a bit daunting—do I use a stainless steel straw? How about reusable shopping bags? Do I go with eco-friendly notebooks? Yes, the answer is yes to all of that.

We’re all about starting with your everyday items because they can make a big impact. Let’s start with a key player in your marketing strategy—green giveaway ideas, specifically custom recycled notebooks. Customers and prospects will appreciate your focus on being kind to good ol’ Mother Earth, and these favorites also get mass exposure for your logo.

3 Eco-Friendly Giveaway Ideas: Recycled Notebooks

When it comes to green giveaway ideas, recycled paper is a key feature to look for. Now, what is recycled paper, exactly? Basically, recycled paper is made by turning waste paper into new paper products. It requires less energy and water than making paper from wood pulp and saves waste paper from filling up landfills.

You’re pretty sold on custom recycled notebooks now, right? Well then, let’s get into our picks:

Eco-Inspired Notebook with Pen

This custom recycled notebook is a favorite for a reason with its 100 sheets of recycled paper, sticky flags and notes, and a pen that’s also made from recycled paper. And look at all that space for your logo!

Eco-Friendly Desk Needs Set

This is an eco powerhouse: it comes with two different colors of sticky notes, five different neon colored sticky flags, a removable ruler, AND a pen with a barrel made from recycled paper. We can see this green promotional giveaway staying on desks for a long time, which means more impressions for you!

Recycled Mini Pocket Notebook

Eco friendly? Check. Large imprint area? Check. Small enough to fit in a purse or pocket? Check. We say this eco-friendly notebook checks all the boxes.

Unique, Eco-Friendly Giveaway Ideas

Eco-friendly AND unique? Hey, why not double down on your promotional items?! We’re of the mindset that more is more, and these green promotional ideas are here to deliver more results and impressions for your company.

BIC® Paper Mouse Pad

What makes this green giveaway item a hit is its multi-functionality. It’s a two-in-one promotional product that can be used as both a mouse pad and a note pad. Plus, it contains 30% post-consumer recycled fiber.

Essence Bamboo Desk Buddy

This eco-friendly notebook is a stunner, right? Its cover is made from sustainable bamboo which is also super durable. Drop it or scratch it—it’s meant to go the long haul. It also comes with two sets of sticky notes in two sizes and colors, and a set of five sticky flags.

That concludes our first dive into eco-friendly giveaway ideas! Browse all our eco-friendly promotional products and check back for more ideas next week, green thumbs.

Catherine O.

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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