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Bring Your Picnic Promotional Items…We’re Having a Company Picnic!

Sun on your face, drink in hand, grass underfoot—this is what company picnics are all about. And, of course, team bonding. If you’re planning an outdoor company event, then your first stop is creating custom picnic promotional items. Next stop: hot dogs.

What’s a Picnic without Custom Picnic Blankets?

Creating a good base is necessary in life, whether it be when drinking or picnicking. And when it comes to picnics, a good base is a promotional picnic blanket. We like the idea of placing them in baskets around the picnic area for employees to use and then take home after the event.

Let’s take a look at our favorite branded picnic blankets, which can all be branded with your company logo or name and date of your event:

Custom Tartan Roll-Up Blanket

Water-Resistant Fleece Picnic Blanket

Promotional Beach Mat

And You Can’t Forget the Promotional Picnic Baskets!

Again, promotional picnic baskets are simply non-negotiables, right? Use them to hold ice and drinks, or fill them with treats for the group.

Picnic Fun Kooler Basket

Folding Aluminum Frame Picnic Basket

Activities for Your Company Picnic

Sure, potato sack races are a hoot, but when it comes to a company picnic, it’s best to offer a few activities so employees can choose what feels right to them.

Here are a few ideas, along with picnic promotional items, too:

1. Host a Wine Tasting

Whether you have a sommelier come in to lead the tasting or a coworker who is a wine aficionado, a tasting is always a way to get employees to bond.

Stemless White Wine Glass

Tall Wine Glass

2. Set Up a Few Sport Centers

And, if there are a few who want to get active, encourage them with a few outdoor promotional items, like:

Promotional Skylar Flyer

Mini Plastic Football

Wilson® Premium Leather Soccer Ball

3. Create Family Fun Zones

If the whole family is invited, here are our picks to keep the kids entertained and happy:

Drop the Puck Prize Tabletop Game

Color Therapy® Adult Coloring Book & Pencils Set

Well, we’re convinced, we’re grabbing some picnic promotional items – from custom picnic blankets and baskets to outdoor activity items – and hitting the nearest park. Hope you are, too!

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