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Quality Metal Pens for the Win This Fall

As the weather gets cooler the substance and durability of a metal pen has special appeal. But when it comes to promotional pens, cost counts and to get the maximum bang for your branding buck you’re looking to find the quality of a metal pen at a price that delivers a strong ROI.

You’re in luck with our best-selling customized metal pens. From metal click pens to twist pens to stylus pens in metal, we’ve got fall favorites that will charm your customers and keep your budget balanced.

Metal Click Pens

Click pens are a mainstay of daily life and a good click or two can perk up a chill morning (not too much clicking in the company of others, though; misophonia can undo an otherwise pleasant neighbor).

Bright Soft Touch Falon Stylus Pen: This sleek metal click pen is both elegant and bright, and your laser engraved logo in silver is the main attraction.

Paragon Pen: As shiny as an icicle and smooth as the surface of a lake at night, this pen says sophistication with each click.

Fun Fact: Wield your metal click pen with caution, fair reader. That irresistible clicking mentioned above can cause some within earshot to slowly unravel. Misophonia, or strong irritation at certain sounds, can cause an otherwise agreeable colleague to end a Zoom call abruptly or call a project “good enough to call it done” just to get away from the clicking. (Whether this could potentially be a helpful outcome is of course up to the clicker to decide on a case by case, click by click basis.)

Metal Twist Pens

Twist pens require two hands to open and invite us to pause for a brief moment to extend the tip. This has got to lend a little Zen to the colder seasons, and also encourage recipients to linger a bit longer over your logo on the barrel. Not bad!

Souvenir® Worthington Chrome Ballpoint Pen: A classy pen with gold accents, this twist-action pen will glide your customers from fall to winter and beyond.

Fun Fact: Twist pens have a few advantages over click-action. One is that it is virtually impossible to accidentally extend the cartridge and thus mark paper and apparel willy-nilly. Second, the twist-action mechanism tends to be slightly heavier than the spring action of a click-top, adding a perception of substance. Third, the twist mechanism tends overall to be more reliable than a plunger pen.

Metal Stylus Pens

With fall comes flu season and adding COVID-19 on top of that, avoiding direct contact with shared surfaces is a good idea. Stylus pens allow recipients to sign a name, punch a button, or swipe a screen more safely. Consider these best-selling metal stylus pens as part of your promotional plan this season:

Metallic Cirrus Stylus Pen: Bright barrel colors and a wavy barrel shape promise to keep spirits up as the temperature drops.

Metallic Vortex Stylus Pen: Metallic colors add glitz to any occasion, and this pen is designed to put your branding at the center of attention.

These metal stylus pens come from our Alpha family of pens. These top-selling engraved pens put rich colors, stylish trim—and your brand—in every hand:

Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus®

Alpha Soft Touch Bright with Stylus

Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus® & Gunmetal Trim

Our Diamond Stylus Pens offer a textured grip for a firm grasp even when mittens are in order:

Engraved Bright Diamond Stylus Pen

Soft Touch Diamond Stylus Pen

When It Comes to Metal Pens at National Pen, There’s Always More to See

Browse additional inspiration and ideas:

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Stylus, Twist, or Click, Quality Metal Pens Are In

Enjoy the cooler seasons and whether inside or out, stay connected with a customized and cost-conscious metal pen that supports your branding through thick and thin. Let us know what you’d like to see in your next promotional metal pen. We’re on Instagram and Facebook, clicking, twisting, and swiping our way through cold weather with the latest in trendy metal pens.

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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