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Going for Gold: Ranking Our Top Promotional Products

Whether it’s figure skating or ski jumping, the Winter Games have something for everyone. And since they’ve got us in the competitive spirit, we’re hosting a competition of our own. Our top promotional products have gathered to compete in their respective categories. Who will come out the top drinkware giveaway? Which tote bag will be crowned the best of the best? While all these top performers are considered a favorite, there can only be one who takes home the giveaway gold. Check out who’s climbing to the top of the podium for each category of promotional products. Let the games begin!  

Promotional Pens: Curl Your Logo Around this Giveaway Gold

Did you know? Curling, or “chess on ice,” is known as the “bookish sport” of the Winter Games. Curling originated in 16th century Europe and involves players sliding stones on a sheet of ice toward a target area. Is curling the unsung hero, the workhorse, of sports? Perhaps. And what better metaphor for our first category of competitors—the most bookish of branded gifts itself—the personalized pen! Our podium-worthy favorites follow: 

Gold: Engraved Alpha Stylus Pen with Rose Gold Trim: Nothing beats this ballpoint pen with the metal barrel, soft touch finish and unforgettable plunger design. A stylus top, rose gold trim, and your logo laser on the barrel mean pure gold for your brand—rose gold, that is. 

Silver: Engraved Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus®: Celebrate the silver trim on this silver- medal winning stylus pen (remember: number two tries harder!). Silver rings at the grip complement your logo, laser engraved in silver for years and years of branding visibility.  

Bronze: Engraved Bright Diamond Stylus Pen: So bright, so right for your brand!  Note the elongated silver nosecone and the diamond-patterned grip, delivering an elegant look and hours and hours of writing comfort. Trimmed in silver and sporting your logo laser engraved on the soft touch barrel, this stylus pen’s destined for the podium. 

Honorable Mention Medal: Diamond Pen & Flashlight Set in Patriotic Gift Box: With an unexpected flashlight that threw the judges for a loop, this striking set didn’t see their flag unfurled on the podium itself, but is a crowd favorite nonetheless. Hosting a special event? Make sure every guest leaves with this set in hand, and your small business in mind.  

Branded Tote Bags: Your Logo’s Catching Eyes Like a Gold Medal in the Sun

The fact is, if you’re figure skating you can’t afford to have a single thing in your hands. No time to hold an extra sweater or a pair of gym shoes. Wouldn’t be practical to attempt a triple Salchow with a three-ring binder or textbook in hand. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the floor: the mighty branded tote bag! Part of every great promotional plan, the “advertise everywhere” tote is ready to win big! Great for sports, work, travel, and chores, these top-notch totes are designed to get your customers hands-free—and your brand everywhere! Ice skaters may not need one during the program itself, but certainly before and after, the ubiquitous tote plays a starring role in everyone’s daily routine. 

Gold: Wave Patterned Large Shopping Tote Bag: The water may be frozen (how else can one play ice hockey, after all?) but you’re still going to make a gold-worthy splash with this wave patterned tote. Choose blue or red and customize in white for a patriotic giveaway.  

Silver: Water-Resistant Budget Shopper Tote: The low price and bright colors make this shopper tote a hard-working giveaway and a branding dream. Use this bag for sports equipment, extra layers, and year ‘round fun. 

Bronze: Tote Bag with Patriotic Flag: Your team’s sure to win when you’re toting this patriotic flag bag. Bring new customers across the finish line with this USA-themed giveaway. 

Drinkware: Warm Up the Judges with a Nice Hot Beverage

The Winter Games are going to be cold, perhaps the coldest in 20 years. This makes for judges with trembling hands—problematic in the event of an errant digit entering, say, a “10” where only a “1” was intended—and thus permanently altering the trajectory of the games. That simply will not do, and we have the solution—for the Winter Games, the competitors, and your customers as well: promotional drinkware! For a giveaway that will always hit the podium go for a tumbler or mug every time. Remind your customers of your brand as they enjoy piping hot drinks on the go.    

Gold: 16 oz. Ree Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler: This stainless steel tumbler is double-walled and vacuum-insulated, so hot drinks stay hot. The gleaming finish shines all day while your logo stands out in the color of your choice. Podium, desktop, or car, this customized tumbler keeps your name top of mind. A perfect 10! 

Silver: 16 oz. Grande Big Sur Double-Wall Tumbler: Pick the trim color that matches your style. The price is right to distribute to fans, clients, and prospects alike.  

Bronze: 11 oz. White Ceramic Coffee Mug: Everyone needs a hot drink before the Winter Games—whether you’re a spectator or a speed-skater. Customize this classic white mug with your own messaging and your brand’s winning with every sip. 

Winter Games and Your Small Business: Let the Branding Begin!

Choose one of the giveaway winners above, or pick another top promotional product from our “just in” selection of new customizable items. Whatever you choose, let the Winter Games inspire you to keep your brand in gold medal shape with promotional giveaways that are designed to go the distance.  

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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