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Top Tailgate Essentials For Any Event Worth Partying For

Tailgate parties are all about showing your passion for an event. Whether it’s a major ball game or your favorite band on tour, these pre-event parties take place in the parking lot and attract hundreds of fans looking to bond over their common interests. These open-air celebrations can be small meet and greets with drinks and music, or grow into a celebration that’s bigger than the event it’s celebrating with BBQ, games, cocktails, and more. How you spread your brand around at tailgate parties can vary greatly depending on the event, but there are some tailgate essentials that every party needs. Not sure what to bring to a tailgate? Here are some of the best ideas on giveaways and party planning to make your mark. 

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Cocktails and Drink Tailgate Essentials

It’s not a tailgate party without drinks! Whether it’s a cold beer or your own cocktail concoction, you need some serious chill in your cup for a hot party. Of course, unless you’re setting up a cocktail stand (totally recommend it,) you may want to keep the mixes simple and easy. A little lemon here, some ginger there, or get crazy with the Kool-Aid for some quicky cocktails that taste like game day. You can also plan ahead and freeze your cocktails into unique popsi-tails that are sure to get the crowd buzzing. 

Need something more permanent to spread around? Here are some great cold-drink giveaways that are absolute tailgating essentials. 

Full Color 22 oz. Pitcher Stadium Cup

It’s all about volume and color with these 22 oz. cups! These party essentials will fit in a cupholder while still cutting down on refill trips with its ultra volume, and you get the best for your brand with a full color imprint on the front. A keepsake and a party cup in one, you won’t want to be celebrating without one! 

Grande Britebrand™ 16 oz. Ace Double Wall Tumbler 

Need something with a straw? These colorful tumblers are more than just your typical party cup. Featuring double-wall insulation, a secure cap, and a color-matching reusable straw, it’s hard to imagine an outdoor parking lot party without one of these to keep the cold in and the bugs out of your drink.

Britebrand™ 22 oz. Stainless Steel Eli Travel Mug 

Perfect for cocktails and Kool-Aid, these colorful stainless steel tumblers are sure to follow your fans to every outdoor event once you pass these around! Flaunting a full color imprint and handy sip and slide closure, these insulated cups will keep your drinks cool through the party and event to follow. 

Collapsible KOOZIE® Can Kooler

For the fans that prefer their drinks in a can, these collapsible KOOZIE® Koolers are the perfect accessory to get your brand into the party. Easy to pack up and take home or pop out during the event, these trendy can coolers are the extra insulation anyone can use. 

KOOZIE® Six-Pack Kooler 

When you’re eating out of the back of your car, coolers are an absolute essential. This compact cooler will keep an entire six-pack safe from the heat and allow for easy travel with its shoulder strap. Add your custom logo to the front so everyone knows who the real host of the party is, then share it with your fellow party-goers! 

Coleman® 1/2 Gallon Insulated Jug

A grande-sized cup not big enough for you? This half gallon insulated jug will keep anyone hydrated from the start of the tailgate party to the end of the event, with extra to share! Featuring a wide-mouth top so you can pack it with all the ice you want, plus a flip spout for easy pouring and even drinking.  

BBQ Tailgate Essentials

While everyone is coming for the event, some people are at the tailgate just for the delicious food. You can go big with shared BBQ and chili, or keep it simple with some sandwiches and chips. However your tailgaters like to feast, even the vegans can’t turn down a good barbecue giveaway. Perfect for raffles and sharing with the self-appointed tailgate chefs, get your savory on with these tasty giveaways that will turn any gathering into a real party. 

KOOZIE® Portable BBQ with Cooler Bag 

Pack your coolers with some tasty condiments and ready-to-grill appetizers, because we’ve got the grill part covered! This portable BBQ features all of your grill essentials, from the grill base and cookware to the cooler you’ll be carrying it all in to begin with. Sharing just a few of these with your fellow home chefs is a sure way to get your name into their every outdoor event to follow. 

Basecamp® 6 Piece BBQ Grill Set 

Need to up your grilling game on the go? This BBQ utensil set has everything you need to fry, grill, roast, and more wherever you go. All packed in an easy to roll and carry canvas case, you’re sure to get some serious likes from whoever is lucky enough to get this tasteful giveaway. 

Party Games and Favors

While food and drinks are going to be the highlight of any event, there’s a lot of time to fill between the meal and the big event. Kill time and make friends with tailgate games that anyone can play! You can host raffles, face painting for fans, quick carnival games (hacky sacks, anyone?) or set the mood to dance and party up by acting as DJ. Here are a few active-fun giveaways that will liven up any outdoor event. 

16″ Sport Beach Ball

Especially good for sports events, these inflatable balls are an easy way to get everyone engaged at a party. Just fill and toss, and everyone want to join in keeping the ball off the ground. Your logo will make quick circulation through the crowd when printed on one of these, and nobody can resist the offer to take home their own on inflatable beach ball for partying at home. 

Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 

You don’t need a huge set up to be the DJ at a tailgate party. This tiny speaker packs a huge audio punch, made to blast your tunes across the parking lot. Pass them out as prizes for a karaoke contest or share them with the loudest fans. However you share them, these made-to-travel speakers are built to last. 

Beat the Heat in Style

If you’re really committed to a long tailgate party, you need to be ready to take the heat. Standing for long hours with no way to keep cool is one quick way to kill any outdoor event. If you’ve got chairs to share and fans for the fans, you’ll quickly become popular at any tailgate party. Check out these built-for-branding giveaways that are made to keep the party going the whole day. 

KOOZIE® Kamping Chair with Cooler 

If you’re going to take the party sitting down, go all out with this ultimate camping chair! Easy to fold and store, this comfortable KOOZIE chair features both a cup holder and its own armside cooler. Made for the tailgate goers who like to relax, your brand will be extremely popular with whoever gets one of these leg-saving devices. 

Folding Tripod Stool with Carrying Bag

Made for long lines and long events, this compact tripod stool is the perfect solution for ambitious party-goers who just need to give their legs a break. Those who get these will be praising your name, while those who don’t will be jealous that they didn’t think of it themselves.  

Mini Fan 

You’re not a real fan unless you move a lot of air, and this fan is made for just that. Small but mighty, this portable electric fan is a serious must-have for any outdoor event that takes place in the heat. Hot cars, hot sun… then enters your hot branded merch to save the day! This neat little fan will easily make it onto anyone’s tailgate essentials checklist.  

Foldable Nylon Fan

Small, foldable, but beats the heat? This hand-held fan is made for those who like to pack light while packing everything. For those who didn’t bring something to keep cool through the tailgate event, this little fan will be a serious lifesaver.  

Tailgate events are more than just parties, they’re the pre-party that fans will come hours in advance for. This makes them the perfect place for brands to set up a booth and join in the fun with their party contributions, whether that’s food, games, music, or even just your own goods and services. Before you go, make sure to you take time to research your own tailgate essentials so you can take full marketing advantage of the event while generating some serious party vibes of your own.  

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