Trending Promotional Items for 2024

Here at, we’re always looking for what’s next. Our expert merchandisers are constantly sourcing new and trending promotional items that will give your logo a fresh look and get your customers excited about your offerings. Discover what top 10 trending or new promotional items you need to get your business noticed right now.    

What’s So Important About Trendy Giveaways?

Why do we prioritize tracking promotional product trends? Put simply, new and trending promotional products keep you relevant. You might ask, “But a classic click pen has been our signature giveaway for the past two decades! If it’s not broken, why fix it?” Over time, an outdated promotional product can go from nostalgic to obsolete. Old school can become irrelevant, and your customers may look to someone else for a modern solution.  

What If My Business Is Old School?

Even if your business tends toward the traditional, it pays to nod to current trends and accessories in your promotional products. This ensures your customers see you as a considered solution for their product and service needs. New promotional items show your brand is aware of what’s current and choosing only the best of what’s next. This could be adding a trending colorway or stylus tip to your go-to pen giveaway; updating your custom drinkware to be travel-friendly; or swapping your signature shopping tote from single-use to recycled material. With so many options for updating your giveaway game, there‘s no reason not to stay fresh.  

What Are Trending Promotional Items for 2024?

Start the year with a spark with new promotional products for 2024! From totes to tumblers, bags to blankets, you’ll see design details and material upgrades that lend contemporary appeal to these fashionable, functional gifts. Tracking promotional product trends is where we shine so sit back and browse with confidence—our top 10 curated picks are on trend, guaranteed crowd-pleasers. 

  1. Custom Otterbox® 36 oz. Elevation ® Growler Tumbler
  1. Custom Snowfox® 11 oz. Shimmer Stainless Steel Rocks Tumbler
  1. Custom Monochrome Mineral Soft Touch 3 LED Flashlight Keychain
  1. Custom Embroidered Oakley® 20L Enduro Backpack
  1. Custom Zoe Convention Tote Bag
  1. Custom Osprey Daylite® Recycled Sling Bag
  1. Custom Debossed Leeman™ Trellis Knit Blanket
  1. Custom Engraved Thank You Note Caddy & Rose Gold Pen Set
  1. Custom Nexus Stylus Pen with Rose Gold Trim
  1. Custom Engraved Alpha Stylus Pen with Geometric Design

Where Can I See More New Promotional Products?

There’s no need to start from scratch or take big risks when you’re looking to keep your branding current at your next convention, employee orientation, or customer meeting. Our experts keep our finger on the pulse of product trends and how to leverage them for maximum brand visibility for small businesses on a budget. Check out new promotional items in all the top categories to find the product that suits your style, budget, and occasion:  

Pens: From rose gold trim to futuristic grip detail, our New and Trending Promotional Pens add extra excitement to every note taken.  

Drinkware: Form and function take first place in our collection of Fresh and New Promotional Drinkware, including travel friendly tumblers, built-in straws, and design details like bamboo trim.  

Bags: Look for eye-catching imprint options and alternative materials in the Newest Promotional Bags Printed with Your Logo. 

Stationery: Travel-ready sets and alternative materials are trending in our New Promotional Stationery & Office Products.  

Tools: From blankets and beanies to bright keychain flashlights, monochrome is trending and simple pleasure are in. See the 2024 favorites in New Promotional Products: Home, Tool & Auto.  

Final Words on Stayin’ Swag Savvy in 2024?

Whether you customize a whole new gift or just refresh your go-to giveaway, trending promotional items are sure to add extra zip to your outreach this year. Check out our complete collection of hot new promotional products for 2024

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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