Unique Pens & Novelty Pens: Why Bold Is Best for Promoting Your Business

“If you want to get someone’s attention…whisper.” When promoting your brand on a pen, this does NOT apply to you. Bold is best and to illustrate the point, I’ll forgo stats and research in favor of an anecdotal though poignant example taken from my own attempts at parenting. My commitment to promoting my brand (that of all-knowing mama of the year) among my target audience—two teenagers—is ongoing. And the most recent data points decidedly in the direction of you putting your logo on a flamingo pen or a bendable flower pen as soon as possible. Allow me to explain.

Cool Pens and Parenting—the Connection Revealed

It used to be when I was sharing priceless pearls of wisdom with my kids in the form of a well-rehearsed monologue, they would talk all over me, speaking louder and demanding the floor. They had rights! So here’s what I’d do: I’d abruptly lower my voice, almost to a whisper, and they’d stop talking out of, well, shock and awe. “What’s she doing? Mom never whispers! Is this some kind of secret she’s revealing, about where she hid my iPad or what I’m getting for Christmas?” In their surprise they’d listen. I’d lecture. Sure, they’d wonder at my mental stability, but still…. I’d won the day!

But alas…. After a few deployments of this tactic the kids caught on. It got to the point where my sudden whispering accomplished nothing and in fact simply reinforced in their eyes the fact that parents (theirs in particular) are from outer space. My soft-spoken approach only drew them to conclude that they’d successfully countered and cajoled me down to a meek shadow of my former self. They’d won the day!

This relates to novelty pens how, you ask? Let me tell you in a whisper….

Unique Pens Scream on Your Behalf

From perfume to investment advice, the firms that have used the “whisper to be heard” adage to sell their stuff plaster their ads and commercials everywhere—screaming about whispering. Because in the promotional space, one way or another, bold gets noticed.

So if you’re looking to make a splash at a job fair, front desk, trade show, seminar, or special event, you’re wise to think unique, novel, and goofy in a promotional pen.

Novelty Pens Keep Your Name on Display Longer

A unique logo pen gives your customer a good reason to give you a second glance, engage with your branding, or chat with you at your trade show booth. It also increases the likelihood that recipients will display your gift—and your messaging—at the office or at home for all to see. Look for pens with a unique barrel shape, interesting top, or additional features and functions.

From Flower Pens to Backscratcher Pens, Wacky Works Better

Following are some suggestions we’ve curated from our vast selection of novelty pens and other unique writing instruments. Find the one that tickles your fancy and put it to work for your brand.

Novelty Flower Pen: The base of the stem is also a pen holder, keeping this one front, center, and spreading cheer on every desk.

Thank You Pen: This promotional pen has a bobble head that talks—impossible to ignore!

“Pencil That’s Really a Pen” Pen: Because why should pencils get to corner the market on the comfort of wooden casing?

Light-Up Spinner Pen: Now your customers can annoy coworkers and classmates in two ways—through incessant spinning and pulsing light—all thanks to you!

Thumbs Up Pen: The suction cup base means your upbeat encouragement—and your branding—go wherever a bit of cheer’s in order.

Graduation Pen: If you’re in touch with a graduate, make sure your brand’s the first to help them celebrate.

Novelty Multi-Function Tool Pen: This pen gives your customers a lot to unpack—and more opportunities to see your messaging.

Ventus Wide Barrel Pen: This one will get noticed for its wide barrel. Fun to hold and comfortable grip!

Triangle Pen: The bright barrel will grab their eye, and the cool, comfortable shape will keep this pen in hand and your name top of mind.

Backscratcher Pen: This one’s a winner in every crowd (because after all, there’s only so much one can request from a co-worker).

Tooth Pen: Scraping and filling isn’t much fun, so as your brave and loyal patients head out the door, fortify them with this encouraging pen (along with the perfunctory sample size of toothpaste, of course).

Contour Pen: Your message can’t be missed when it’s wrapped around this pen’s bright, customized barrel.

Stop Screaming. Scream Louder!

Save the whispering for an exotic bird sanctuary. (Oh, and if you happen to run an exotic bird sanctuary, promote it with this flamingo pen.) When you’re advertising on a promotional pen, make sure your name gets noticed by choosing a unique pen that’s prepared to grab and hold attention. When you pick a unique promotional pen or a customized novelty pen, you’re head and shoulders above the crowd of competitors.

As for the parenting referenced earlier, I’d say screaming never works, whispering should be reserved for secrets, and in terms of capturing their attention and sustaining it through several moments of potentially life-altering advice, a good novelty pen might get you further than you think.

Karleen A.

I’m a copywriter who likes custom giveaways of all kinds, from pens to travel mugs, tumblers to totes. Fun for me is helping promote YOUR awesome brand!

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Karleen A.

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