Water Bottle Types: Which Custom Water Bottle Is Right for Your Brand?

Everyone’s got a water bottle so why are we always upgrading? I mean, I work for a company that makes promotional water bottles of all shapes and sizes and then personalizes them with logos, graphics, slogans, and well, you name it. So you can imagine the samples I’ve amassed over time. My cup, and my cupboard, runneth over.

Yet still, just as I stand at my closet each morning wondering which blouse (or more appropriately, loungewear) reflects my true character, and factoring in multiple data points including my mood, action items, and number of video calls that day, so, too, once dressed, I stand in front of my cupboard choosing the water bottle type that best completes the picture. (Pro tip: this one doesn’t work well when you’re working in PJs while snacking on donuts; just demoralizing.)

Water bottles are a style accessory and it stands to reason that all types of water bottles, personalized as they are with brand-specific imprints, would be even more so. If you’re looking to slap your logo on a bunch of single-use water bottles and toss them out at your next all-hands, well, I won’t stop you. But…

…I do think a small “pause and reflect” is in order, given how attached folks are to their personalized drinkware, most especially the kind that leaves the house with them or shows up in a Zoom call. Like the suit and ties of yore or the PPE masks of today, the water bottle you choose makes a statement. With that in mind, I’ve curated a selection of custom printed water bottles to suit your target customer and branding style. Enjoy!

Choosing Your Water Bottle Type

Branded Metal Water Bottles

Metal says “meant to last,” just like your brand. No fly-by-night business here! Quality, substance, and a very cold drink. That’s what a metal water bottle says. Add your messaging to one of these winners:

Plastic Water Bottles Made of Tritan™

A logo water bottle made of Tritan is a step ahead in form and function. Tritan’s BPA-free and shatter-proof. It won’t cloud up or retain beverage odors or colors, so your recipient and your branding look sharp through endless dishwasher cycles, rough rides, and accidental drops.

  • Tritan Water Bottle with Infuser – 28 oz

Water Bottle Types for Sports

For some of us (myself), any act of exercise is an Instagram-worthy moment. I’ll snap a selfie walking to the mailbox and add #JustDoIt. No matter how much or how long, exercise is always a plus and should be celebrated with feel-good accoutrements—like, for instance, a rocking water bottle, customized with your branding so you’re in on the action. Your customers will look sharp and stay cool with one of these gems:

  • 24 oz. Bright Sports Bottle
  • Brighton BPA Free Sport Bottle – 16 oz
  • The Magical Roll-Up Bottle – 18 oz

Plastic Water Bottles that Pack a Punch with a Price that’s Right

These budget-friendly crowd-pleasers are the type of water bottle that makes every participant feel ready to jump in at a fun run, picnic, beach bonfire, or pool party:

  • Thirst Quencher Bottle – 28 oz

Fun Water Bottles for Kids

Kids and water bottles go hand in hand, and with features like big straws, big grips, and carabiners, these selections make it easy and fun for kids to stay hydrated all day:

  • 32 oz. Mood Grip Water Bottle with Flexible Straw
  • Unique Workout Water Bottle with Carabiner – 10 oz

All Types of Water Bottles for the Win

Costing way less than a sandwich board, being significantly less unwieldy, looking way more trendy, and never leaving the side of your recipient, promotional water bottle types of all kinds keep you close to your customers at work, home, and on the go.

Take a look at all our custom water bottles and, for further musings about the intersection of daily life and water bottles, check out our blog, The Answer to an Airport Bottle Water Ban: Custom Reusable Water Bottles. Because one day, branded water bottle in hand (and it should be your brand in said hand), we’ll all board a plane again (ugh, can we leave tight seats, tight transfers, and problem passengers in 2020 along with COVID, please?). For more on the best in trendy water bottles, check out The Best Custom Water Bottles – Marketing Ideas & Trends.

Let us know which type of water bottle your name looks best on. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook. Happy hydrating and happy branding!

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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