Bar Closed? Keep Serving with DIY Branded Bar Merchandise!

Our favorite bar says as much about us as our favorite song or movie. There are dive bar people, pool bar people, tiki bar people—each group finding a home in the boozy venues that speak to their identity. And that’s what makes the temporary restrictions on bars due to COVID-19 so difficult. We’re cut off from the spaces that welcome our like-minded community to meet, congregate, and cheers to new memories. Until we can be in our beloved bars and restaurants again, branded merchandise is a great way for those establishments to maintain a sense of culture with their regulars.

Restaurant and Bar Merchandise: Tapping a New Revenue

For most of us, what we love about a bar has nothing to do with its drinks. It’s the mellow vibe, the chatty bartenders, the great music—everything that sets the environment apart. To create successful bar merchandise, you have think in the same way. It’s less about the product, and more about how you personalize it.

Let’s discuss what products bars and restaurants are using to create their own logo merchandise. Then we’ll get into some of the ways you can make it special with that custom touch your clientele loves.

Top Merch Products for Bars

While bars remain closed and restaurants are mainly take-out, branded merch can provide some much needed revenue to offset the losses. Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing the right restaurant or bar merchandise:

  1. Make sure to match your bar or restaurant’s aesthetic
  2. Offer a variety of products to give customers more to choose from
  3. Think about what customers will use most

Tip: For some ideas on how bars use tools of the trade to promote their business, check out our blog on Custom Bar Tools.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are low cost, high visibility promotions that allow you full coverage customization. So get creative!


Trendy branded glasses are a great way to keep customers imbibing with your brand.


Let your customers wear their love for your bar or restaurant on their sleeve thanks to these custom Hanes 5.2 oz. ComfortSoft® Cotton T-Shirts.


Fans of your sports bar will enjoy a personalized hat they can wear to games or around town.

Face Masks

Since everyone has to use them, these custom face masks are a great way to keep your customers safe while also repping your establishment.

CBD Tinctures

Just because customers can’t come into the bar doesn’t mean you can’t still provide them with the fanciest cocktails. These personalized CBD tinctures will add a fun twist to their favorite drink.

Tote Bags

Logo tote bags are one of the best types of branded merchandise you can offer because they’ll always be in style and always be useful.

Bottle Openers

Use bottle openers to create logo merchandise that customers will reach for whenever they’re ready to enjoy a cold one.

Adding Your Flavor

Okay, now that you know which branded merchandise you’re going to sell, it’s time to customize it. Here are some of our tips for making your message stand out:

  • Don’t be afraid of color!
  • If you have a logo that customers associate with your bar, make sure to feature it.
  • No logo? That’s okay. Printing your bar’s name in all-caps will make a noticeable statement.
  • Craft a short message that speaks to your bar.


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