Virtual Birthday Ideas for Employee Celebrations: Keep the Party Going!

It’s your birthday! Blow out the candles and make a wish. If you wished for 2020 to be over, we’re right there with you. But the need to continue implementing protective measures due to COVID-19 means birthdays are another one of those things that challenge us to get a little creative. Since we can’t celebrate together, virtual birthdays are the next best thing. And with a little ingenuity, they can be a lot of much-needed fun!

Why Celebrate Employee Birthdays?

Birthdays are a big deal. They’re a time for cake and celebration. Even for the not-a-birthday-person crowd, it’s always nice to know that others care. And how businesses show they care, especially in these times, is part of what forms their company culture.

You want every member of your company feeling appreciated. Establishing your business as a great place to work helps you recruit and maintain your talented workforce. So for happy employees that work hard for your company’s success, don’t skip the birthdays.

Instead let’s cover all the employee birthday celebration ideas you can use to add a little pizzazz to your virtual parties.

Virtual Birthday Ideas They’ll Love!

Choose a Fun Zoom Background They Have to Use for the Video Call

Consider this the substitute for decorating desks. Instead of dressing up employees’ workspaces with Harry Potter accessories, pictures of their dreamy celebrity crush, or all in their favorite color, you can celebrate your employees’ quirks with a custom background. It’s a great icebreaker for the video call.

Surprise Party (Call)

Instead of scheduling the video call, ask the birthday person to hop on and send them the link once everyone is already on the call.

Set a Theme

Celebrate employee birthdays with a theme they’ll love. Did they have a big Hawaii trip planned before the pandemic? Encourage everyone to dress up in a Hawaiian theme for the video call and give them a taste of the island life for their birthday.

Trivia Time

Is your employee a huge Marvel fan? Do they love baseball? These sound like great themes for a round of trivia! It only takes 10 minutes to gather some fun questions your whole team will enjoy trying to answer.

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas: Just the Frosting on the Cake

Now that you have your employee birthday ideas in order, you can make them that much sweeter by sharing a token of your appreciation. Since every employee will have a birthday, you can buy all of your employee gifts at once to save time and money. Plus you can get them all customized so that it truly feels like a special gift from your company. Then simply send each gift out accordingly. Here are some options that everyone can enjoy:

Custom Wine Glasses

Logo Coffee Mugs

Personalized Speakers

Plants or Planters

Box of Sweets

How you celebrate, what gifts you choose, and whether you subject employees to your rendition of the Happy Birthday song is completely up to you. But any effort you throw into making employees feel seen on their special day will be appreciated. Show us on Facebook or Instagram how you’re celebrating employees with virtual birthday shenanigans!

Jessica Carreiro

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