Why BPA-Free Drinkware Is Always Your Best Bet

Did you know all the drinkware we manufacture is made BPA-free? You’ll often see the term “BPA-Free” on products and websites, but do you know what that means? Learn the key BPA-free benefits and find out why it’s important to look for BPA-free when shopping for drinkware. Read on to get the facts and see all the options. 

What Is BPA?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that has been used to make plastics and resins since the 1950s. It’s found in many everyday products, including water bottles and other drinkware, food cans, and plastic utensils. 

What’s So Bad About BPA Anyway?

The BPA chemical is an endocrine disruptor and can interfere with the body’s hormone system. It has been linked to a number of health concerns, including reproductive problems, obesity, and heart disease. It is found in many types of plastic, including polycarbonate, which is often used to make water bottles. When BPA-containing plastics are heated or scratched, the BPA can leach into food and beverages. 

There has been a growing movement to reduce BPA exposure. Many companies have begun to produce BPA-free products, and some states have even banned the use of BPA in certain products, including baby bottles, sippy cups, and other drinkware. 

What Does BPA-Free Mean?

The term “BPA-free” means that a product does not contain BPA. This is important because BPA can leach into food and beverages from containers. There are a number of BPA-free alternatives available, including glass, stainless steel, and ceramic products. There are also BPA-free plastics, such as Tritan™. 

Why Buy BPA-Free Water Bottles and Other Drinkware?

BPA-free drinkware lets you minimize risk and maximize your health. Not only is it the safe choice for consumers, it’s a safe bet for brands as well. Branded merch that’s BPA-free shows customers that your company cares. That’s why so many brands choose to customize only BPA-free water bottles, tumblers, stadium cups, and travel mugs. 

Other benefits of BPA-free promotional drinkware include: 

  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy the added confidence that comes from knowing you’re putting your name on a giveaway you can be proud of.
  • Durability: BPA-free drinkware is often made from more durable materials, such as Tritan plastic, stainless steel, or glass.
  • Trendy: BPA-free drinkware is often more stylish and attractive than traditional plastic water bottles. This can make it more enjoyable to use and to carry with you throughout the day.

What Are Best Bets in BPA-Free Drinkware?

If you’re looking to customize a piece of BPA-free drinkware for your special event, customer appreciation, or other marketing campaign, you’ve come to right place. All drinkware we manufacture is BPA-free, and the vast majority of drinkware we select from vendors, like Miir® and Tritan™, is also BPA-free. Following are some popular BPA-free options in key categories:  

BPA-Free Plastic Drinkware:

Surf Bottle – 20 oz: The bottle boasts all the lightness of plastic, the extra style of a translucent body color and contrasting push-pull cap, and none of the BPA!   

17 oz Vida RPET Bottle: Not only is this one BPA-free, it’s made of translucent recycled plastic to boot. Comes with a wrist strap and matching lid.  

Full Color 22 oz. Harlow Tritan™ Bottle: Tritan plastic not only has all the BPA-free benefits, it’s also renowned for its glass-like transparency, shatterproof design, and resistance to stains. This bottle features a stainless steel cap and full color logo.  

BPA-Free Stainless Steel and Aluminum Drinkware:

17 oz. Aspen Water Bottle with Carabiner: Who wants to worry about BPA when they’re busy enjoying the great outdoors? This aluminum water bottle includes a carabiner to clip to a backpack or climbing harness.  

25 oz. Kai Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Stainless steel style, convenient carry-loop, and a leak-proof lid come together in this high quality, BPA-free alternative.  

BPA-Free Glass Drinkware:

20 oz Brooke Frosted Glass Bottle: A little retro, a little natural, and 100% trendy, this frosted glass bottle is made of extra strong borosilicate glass. Not only is borosilicate glass naturally BPA-free, it’s exceptionally durable and won’t crack even under extreme temperature changes, like going from a freezer to an oven. Plus: Tastes and odors? Not retained when it’s borosilicate!  

20 oz. Evelyn Glass Tumbler: Your customers can enjoy an icy cold drink and the special appeal of natural boroscilicate glass, customized with your branding, of course.  

BPA-Free Ceramic Drinkware:

12 oz. Arabica Ceramic Mug: Attention-grabbing two-tone design in a ceramic mug that retains heat (or cold) longer. The science: ceramic is more porous, meaning conduction occurs more slowly. 

15 oz. Hazel Ceramic Campfire Mug: Remember the days when every drink was served in the same cup? This campfire mug is ready for fireside chats including hot coffee, a hot toddy, or a cold beer. And no plastic in the woods, either! 

Is BPA-Free Plastic Safe?

BPA-free plastic drinkware is considered safer than BPA drinkware, with the most important BPA-free benefit being that it won’t leach chemicals into food or beverages that are known to cause harm. However, it is important to note that even BPA-free plastic can leach other chemicals into your food and beverages, though unlike BPA plastic, the chemical levels are generally considered to be safe. To avoid all potential exposure to any chemicals from plastic, consider using glass or stainless steel drinkware. 

Reap the Benefits of BPA-free Drinkware for Branding

When you choose a BPA-free option in customized drinkware, your giveaway is most likely more modern, more appealing, and more safe for your customers to use daily. With so many great options, there’s no reason not to go BPA-free! 

P.S. Complete your drinkware purchase with BPA-free reusable straws. For more on Tritan, read our blog post, Brand Highlight: Tritan™ Brand.  

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