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    Custom Coolers & Lunch Bags

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    110 products
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    Keep It Fresh With Custom Coolers and Lunch Bags

    Don’t let your brand grow stale on a sign or pamphlet. Offer a more dynamic way to engage with your brand with a gift customers can take out to lunch! Branded lunch bags and custom coolers do more than just keep food and drinks fresh, they keep your brand front and center for your customers. Whether they’re taking your logo out to lunch or keeping party drinks chilled behind your branding, you can be sure memories are being made every time you share these insulated gifts.

    What Makes Personalized Coolers So Great For Branding?

    Custom lunch bags and coolers are promotional powerhouses, and we have the data to back it up! It’s been reported by the Advertising Specialty Institute that promotional bags are kept an average of 11 months and generate 3,300 impressions throughout their lifetime. When they’re specialized bags, like promotional lunch bags, their usefulness skyrockets and recipients will use them even more.

    But what exactly makes custom coolers and lunch bags so popular? In a world of fast food and fast-growing waistlines, customers are trying to find ways to live and eat healthier. Insulated promotional lunch bags and coolers can help by making it easier for customers to pack fresh food for lunches, outdoor adventures, road trips, parties, and more without relying on the closest fast-food venue.

    But living fresh isn’t the only reason customers love these insulated gifts. With the distribution of a few branded coolers, your logo will be featured at beach parties, sports celebrations, backyard barbecues, and more by keeping party drinks and other refreshments cool through the night.

    Where Can I Share Promotional Coolers and Lunch Bags?

    The best time to share any product is when there’s a need, so when do customers need lunch bags and coolers?

    If you’re catering lunch for a client, insulated lunch bags make for an excellent upgrade option. Not only do they keep the food fresh and ready to travel, they also can be taken home to remind every recipient where the amazing food came from. Even if you’re not offering food pre-packed inside, custom lunch bags are excellent additions to employee onboarding packages, company conference prep packages, and even trade show giveaways.

    Custom coolers come with a bit more bulk, so you want to save these for those extra-special occasions. Outdoor adventure venues can offer them to customers in gift shops, experience package upgrades, and more. Party planners can keep their name in their customers’ homes by keeping cool drinks in branded coolers that can be kept long after the party lights go out. Help customers celebrate big games in style with a take-home promotional cooler packed with tail-gate party essentials. Wherever parties are happening and drinks are shared, custom coolers will make sure your name stays fresh with your customers.

    What Types of Custom Lunch Bags and Coolers Do You Offer?

    Hosting a pool party? We’ve got hard-shell coolers that will keep your drinks fresh through the summer heat. Selling outdoor equipment for hiking, fishing, camping, etc? Customer cooler backpacks are the perfect merchandizing opportunity to get your brand where the action is happening. We have sorts of sizes, styles, and materials in our collection to help you get the perfect match for any occasion, and we’re adding more every day!


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