Custom Fanny Packs

Keep customers and your logo bound at the hip! Keep customers and your logo bound at the hip! Keep customers and your logo bound at the hip!see less

Bring Back a Classic With Branded Fanny Packs

Fanny packs may be an older fashion, but they’re making a comeback – and for good reason! Make custom fanny packs the highlight of your activewear giveaways, perfect for spring, summer, and fall promotions. Whether you’re in the tourist industry or sending customers on the best local hiking trails, promotional fanny packs in Canada will keep your brand in the center of all the action

Why Are Custom Fanny Packs in Canada So Popular?

For customers that are carrying a lot around, fanny packs offer a compact way to keep their essentials close while taking the weight off their back. For long days on your feet, a shoulder bag or backpack puts a serious strain on your spine. But a waist pack distributes that weight along your hips while also keeping essentials like phones, keys, credit cards, and other essentials right within hands reach.

But fanny packs with logos are about more than just your back. They also offer a neat and hands-free way for customers to carry their essentials without bulking up their pockets. No more rifling through an overstuffed purse or backpack just for some lip balm, or shaking down your pockets to find out where you put your keys. Belt bags and fanny packs keep everything organized and in reach, all with your logo at the front to keep you top of mind at all times.

Who Uses Waist Bags Branded With Company Logos?

Customers and clients across all industries can use fanny packs, but there are some types of fanny pack suited to one place or another. Stretchy belt bags with a single pouch are perfect for runners who want to keep their phone and wallet close without restricting their movement with bulky pockets, or for people with diabetes who need to keep an insulin pump or blood glucose monitor close.

Larger and more complex promotional fanny packs in Canada, however, are better suited for tourists, hikers, and others who need to keep a lot of essentials close and secure without burdening their back. Plus, did you know that fanny packs are allowed on roller coasters, whereas other bag types need a locker? You can offer these as gifts or giveaways, or as promotional merch sold at gift shops, airport kiosks, and more.

But customers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a branded fanny pack. Anytime you’re planning a company retreat, give your participants a stylish and convenient place to keep their essentials and your logo close.

Learn more about some of our customer-favourite fanny packs and where to use them in our blog post.

What Other Types of Branded Bags Do You Offerr?

Want to expand your selection beyond the stylish branded fanny pack? Custom backpacks are a great addition to any promotional merch line, with branded backpack styles that include cooler backpacks, laptop backpacks, and more! Custom drawstring bags are also excellent gifts for college students and sports fans, whereas custom sling bags are a stylish promotional product for working professionals. Check out our full collection of bags for the perfect gift to keep your logo close to your customers everywhere they go.