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    • Customized 60

      60" Arc Square Umbrella

      As low as $16.12 each!

    • Customized Executive Cirrus Pen

      Executive Cirrus Pen

      As low as $0.29 each!

    • Customized Dart Rocket

      Dart Rocket

      As low as $1.59 each!

    • Customized Mod Luggage Tag

      Mod Luggage Tag

      As low as $0.89 each!

    • Customized Tropical Cirrus Pen

      Tropical Cirrus Pen

      As low as $0.27 each!

    • Customized The Bamm-Bamm Backpack

      The Bamm-Bamm Backpack

      As low as $3.80 each!

    • Customized Exercise Band

      Exercise Band

      As low as $2.97 each!

    • Customized 46

      46" Arc Umbrella

      As low as $8.84 each!

    • Customized The Thunderbolt Backpack

      The Thunderbolt Backpack

      As low as $4.37 each!

    • Customized 18 Oz Chic Tumbler

      18 Oz Chic Tumbler

      As low as $2.83 each!

    • Customized Mini Tissue Packet

      Mini Tissue Packet

      As low as $0.54 each!

    Promotional marketing items from National Pen will help you reach more of your target market - all while staying within your budget! Custom pens make terrific promotional giveaways due to their low cost, their real-world utility, and the fact that they can be targeted to just about any customer or prospect. Who doesn't need a high quality pen for their desk, purse, briefcase or car?

    A variety of pen colors are now available that can help you send a specific message or evoke a certain feeling in your recipients. The color green is a hue that is targeted frequently by marketing teams as it can drive a feeling of serenity and peace. Light greens more often are associated with these Zen-like feelings versus dark greens - which frequently correlate with opulence and affluence. First, choose which shade of green pairs most effectively with your intended audience, and then begin to increase your market presence by sending out these customized green pens.

    At National Pen, we ensure that all of our promotional pens are of the highest quality. We stand behind our products and will provide a replacement or refund within the first year for any product that doesn't meet your standards. We also work diligently to deliver the lowest prices in the industry. We offer volume discounts, too! With less downtime involved when we run larger batches of pens, we are able to produce more product in less time. This means lower unit costs and savings for you! We also guarantee the personalization of your marketing items. We will accurately imprint your company text or logo directly on your new promotional giveaways, and guarantee that the final product is exactly what you're looking for. You'll have plenty of time to preview your pens before they go to print.

    At National Pen, we're committed to partnering with you to help you grow your business and increase your market penetration. Contact us today at 866.900.PENS (7367) for assistance in creating a customized order. You can shop with confidence at National Pen.