How to Wrap Corporate Gifts

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

We know you love your customers. We do too. But sitting in the conference room wrapping client gifts for hours on end is nobody’s happy place. Don’t get us wrong. We know there are many respectable and terribly helpful DIY videos about diagonal wrapping, Japanese-style wrapping, and other, even more involved techniques that make each gift look like a bi-product of Martha Stewart’s endless time under house arrest…

However, in the interest of getting you, your company, and your employees successfully and sanely through the holiday season--or any other corporate gift giving occasion for that matter--we humbly submit the following for your consideration:

Our life hack on how to wrap corporate gifts? Avoid it at all costs.

Need convincing? Ever tried to wrap a travel tumbler? How about a 25 oz. water bottle with ice chiller attachment? Or a 5-function utility camping tool? If that last one doesn’t catapult you clear out of the gift-giving spirit, how about wrapping up a sports backpack for your favorite customers?

So, here’s our 3-step “no-wrapping” gift wrapping solution:

  1. First, buy gifts you can customize with your logo (um, as in, anything on our website). This way it’s your brand that takes center stage, not your advanced origami-style gift wrapping talent (or lack thereof).
  2. Buy gifts that already come in a box. (Sadly, you can’t just turn around and hand the box to your client the moment you get it from us. But see below because we’ve got you covered.*)
  3. Buy gift bags. Lots of gift bags.** And wrapping tissue.*** We’ll imprint your logo or seasonal message on each bag, and you insert your customized gift surrounded by festive wrapping tissue.

*Gifts we like that come in a box:

**Gift bags for any budget:

*** Tissue paper doesn’t have to be troublesome. However, if you insist on being serious about the tissue paper step, google “how to insert tissue paper into bag.” But don’t be too hard on yourself if you just loosely wrap some tissue paper around your gift, insert in your customized gift bag, and call it a day.

  • Our wrapping tissue is here and we offer pretty much any color you’d like.

We hope this guide to wrapping (or not) corporate gifts has eased your gift-giving stress, prevented wrapping-related carpal-tunnel, and otherwise helped move that pesky “gift wrapping” action item along toward completion.

Most importantly, we wish all our customers happy gift-giving and lots of brand-promoting fun this holiday season.