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    Promotional pens can have a profound impact on your business. While a simple pen may not seem like the most powerful marketing tool in existence, savvy business owners and salespeople understand the power that is held in a customized ballpoint, gel click, rolling ball, or any other type of pen. These low-cost marketing implements are affordable enough to permit large order quantities - all the better to reach as many industry targets and current clients as possible within a given budget.

    At National Pen, we offer a massive inventory of customizable pens - in an array of styles and in the full spectrum of available colors. Here, you'll find purple pens. These pens are designed to elicit a specific response from your targeted audience. Purple pens are just different enough from your average blue or black ink pen that they create an air of intrigue.

    Marketers know that colors evoke emotion. Something as simple as the color of the pen you select as your marketing tool can sway the mood and demeanor of the person receiving the pen. Purple drives feelings of royalty, regality, sophistication, nostalgia, mystery, and spirituality. There is nothing simple or quaint about purple pens. They make a statement and let your audience know that your company is a force to be reckoned with.

    Now, you can unlock the power of purple with customizable purple pens from National Pen. Our selection of purple promotional writing pens can be ordered in quantities as small as 100, to as large as hundreds of thousands. As you order more, you'll recognize a significant unit cost reduction. This may allow you to reach even more potential clients, or to put more pens in the hands of your valuable clients and industry contacts. With easy shipping terms and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you'll be amazed at the lift your company will experience by adding purple pens to your marketing toolkit.