3" X 3" Colorful Note Holder


A useful desk item that will brighten up any desk.

A practical note holder featuring a full color cover. Contains 80 sheets white paper and a plastic clear sleeve to prevent notes from falling out.


Product Details:

  • Product Colors: Choose from more than 12 solid colors or one of our many stock designs
  • Material: Paper
  • Imprint Process: Full Color
  • Max. # of Lines: 5
  • Max. # of Characters per Line: 30
  • Imprint Colors: Depending on Design
A simple way to add color to your workers' desks is to offer them a colorful note holder. These beautiful note holders will help them keep their desks in an orderly fashion, and with their distinctive colors, these note holders cannot be lost on your employees' desks, so they will always be ready to take down a phone number or a name without having to search frantically for a piece of paper.

Your employees will feel special when you present them with their very own promotional colorful note holders because you can personalize them. You can have the company's name placed on these note holders along with the employee's name. A personalized and engraved colorful note holder will impress your employees greatly because you took the time make this gift unique for them.

Once you give away a custom colorful note holder to your employees, they will notice that you have given them a gift that is of high quality. Our note holders are not flimsy and cheap: Although they are inexpensive, they are durable and can stand up to years of use.

A gorgeous colorful note holder is not just for your employees; they are a great promotional gift for when you need something inexpensive to give away at special events. If you attend trade shows, you will need visitors to remember your company's name. What better way to do this than to offer them a practical product with your company's name printed right on the item?

Note holders are also great to give away at corporate events, to show appreciation to your customers or to offer as a marketing tool. These note holders are a great promotional tool because your customers can keep them near their telephones where they will easily see your company's name and telephone number inscribed on top. Make sure that your number is the one that they call when they are ready to purchase what you have to offer.

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