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Get Results in a Flash with Promotional USB Drives

Let us count the ways custom USB flash drives are awesome giveaways: Useful? Check. Budget-friendly? Check. Effective? Check. Room for your logo? Check. We don’t mean to toot their horn, but beep beep—custom USB drives are a marketer’s dream. Don’t believe us just yet? Check this out…

Types of Logo Flash Drives

We offer so many USBs that have different features and functions, it’s worth going through each type.

First up: the custom USB stick. These are the traditional USB drives that are easily plugged into a computer or other device.

Have you seen custom USB cards before? USB cards are standouts thanks to their shape—take one glance, and you’ll think they’re credit cards! Although they’re small, they typically hold up to 4GB and can be used like a traditional thumb drive.

Another unique style is the custom USB bracelet. Whether you choose a slap or clip-on style, these promotional USB wristbands are sure to go with your prospects everywhere. The USB end of the wristband is protected with a cap and the drives hold up to 8 GB.

If you’re looking for a gift that does double duty, then custom USB pens are right up your alley. The name gives it away—these are part pen, part USB drive. USB pens are especially attractive if you’re looking for something for the security-conscious, as you can’t immediately tell it’s a USB drive.

How to Use Personalized Flash Drives

Now that you’re up-to-date with the different types of custom USB flash drives, let’s dig into the ways you can use them. Maybe you’re attending a trade show and want to hand out a gift to qualified prospects—why not go with promotional USBs that have your marketing materials stored on them? Another idea is to give your employees logo flash drives when they join the team so they feel welcome.

How will you use you custom USB flash drives?